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Wisconsin Club for Growth Goes After GAB

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The Wisconsin Reporter has provided a story by M.D. Kittle on its website concerning the long-running John Doe investigation and the relationship that the Government Accountability Board supposedly has with that investigation.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth, and Eric O’Keefe, has taken the interesting step of filing a lawsuit this past Friday morning in Waukesha County Circuit Court targeting the Government Accountability Board (GAB) alleging that the GAB has exceeded its statutory authority and evaded its statutory obligations.  The suit states that the GAB has pursued and funded a far-reaching criminal investigation into virtually every conservative-leaning group in Wisconsin as the article pointed out.

The lawsuit alleges that the GAB, in conjunction with district attorneys in five Wisconsin counties initiated a wide-scale criminal investigation into Eric O’Keefe, the Wisconsin Club for Growth and other conservative-leaning throughout Wisconsin and the country.

The complaint states, “The GAB’s use of a John Doe has created a Frankenstein monster.  The GAB has grafted its existing powers for civil enforcement of campaign finance laws onto law enforcement powers borrowed from the John Doe statute, and from this hybrid bundle of investigative powers, has lopped off vital procedural protections.”

The complaint further states, “In a calculated power grab, the GAB has improperly used a John Doe proceeding to explore speculative criminal theories of campaign finance law without challenge by the accused or scrutiny of the public.”

The suit asks that there be a halt to GAB’s “end run around substantive and procedural mandates” of its “enabling statute”.

This case should reveal much more information concerning the John Doe investigations that have occurred in the past several years.  That the case was filed in Waukesha County would indicate that there will actually be some progress made and that it will likely be made in due time.

If the case does result in the establishment that the GAB has acted outside its bounds, I suspect there will be more legislative activity to either rein the GAB in or to do away with the GAB altogether and find a different approach that will accomplish what was supposed to have been accomplished at the beginning of the GAB.

Kittle’s article can be view in full at: .

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