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What Were We Thinking?

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I watch as a Marine who inadvertently crossed the Mexican border with a weapon in his vehicle, and I watch our feckless President make nice to the Mexican government…and I wonder if we’ve gone down the rabbit-hole.

Our Marine sits in a Mexican jail/prison while slow justice, if it can be called justice, is meted out by the eye-dropper full.  And I watch as Mexicans violate our border and are treated with kid-gloves even as some of our Border Agents are gunned down.

And I wonder what in the world has become of the United States of America.

We make apologies for this Marine and yet I don’t see anything remotely approaching an apology for the Mexicans illegally in our country receiving health care and food stamps and whatever else our government can find to give them using our taxpayer dollars.

What has happened to our country?  We used to be respected by all other countries.  If they didn’t respect us, at least they feared us.  That is a thing of the past and this President seems to think that is progress.

We have, under President Obama, simply given away whatever strength and power we held in the name of “can’t we all just get along?”

This President has so undermined our world power image that we are now among the weak-kneed former world powers.  What is worse is this: he wanted us to be seen in this manner.  We were after all, too impressed with our own power.  It was about time that we had a taste of humility; no country ought to feel it had that kind of world presence when not every country could feel that way.

So, here we are.  We have given away our ability to gain control of a situation simply by giving the impression we were about to step into that situation.  Our President has not a clue of how to go about being a wise and thoughtful leader.  Our counterparts around the globe know exactly how to play our president, and what is worse is that he doesn’t even begin to recognize that he is being played for the fool.

This has been ‘amateur hour’ on the world stage and we have suffered as the result.  We watch as the leader of the Kremlin struts his stuff and realize that our leader has no “stuff” to strut.  He puffs his chest, but that is the end of the puffery.  There is no “there” there.

This President is an ‘empty suit’ and we elected him…AND THEN WE RE-ELECTED HIM!  What were we thinking?  Or was it that we weren’t thinking at all?

Back to our Marine sitting in a jail cell in Mexico.  When is this President of ours going to “man up” and make the Mexican government give up this charade it is using to embarrass us and to penalize a Marine who is prepared to give up his life for you and me.  I’m not at all sure our President has that kind of commitment for you and me.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an inept, know-nothing President like Ronald Reagan back for just a week or so to get us back on the straight and narrow?

Where are our heads?  What were we thinking…if we were thinking at all?

So, maybe we need to elect Hillary as our next President.  That would surely make all the difference in the world.  Wouldn’t it?

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