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Surprise!! Conyers Can Run Anyway!

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As it stands today, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) will be able to run for re-election to Congress for another term.  This is in spite of his campaign organization gathering hundreds too few signatures to get him on the ballot.  These signatures were invalidated upon review since there were irregularities either with the signature solicitors or the signatories or both.

The cavalry came to his aid, however, in the form of Federal District Judge Matthew Leitman’s decision to permit Conyers’ name to be on the ballot.  The judge reasoned that people thought they were doing the right thing so the signatures ought to stand.

It isn’t as though Conyers’ organization hasn’t been at this for a long time.  He was first elected in 1964.  He knows what the rules are; they all knew what the rules were.  There is no rule that permits a “re-do”.  The candidate gets one shot at producing sufficient valid signatures to be placed on the ballot.  Apparently there may be a different understanding, however, if one is a long-standing Democrat and if the Judge was appointed to his office by a sitting Democrat President whose name is Obama.  Judge Leitman was appointed by President Obama in 2013 and approved by Congress in 2014.

That this affair smells is an understatement.  That I am not at all amazed by this turn of events tells the whole story in my opinion.  The rules don’t always apply to everybody.  That several somebodies ‘thought’ they were abiding by the law is sufficient for this Judge to make the decision he made? 

And that this doesn’t somehow smack of politics as usual?  That this story took only about 7 column inches and was on page 6A of the morning Journal Sentinel speaks volumes.

When will people awaken and finally admit there is a problem?  Why is there always a bigger problem when a Republican is involved?  Or when a conservative is involved?

And, in the face of this garbage, we are supposed to have extreme confidence in our own John Doe investigations and simply trust that there is nothing political about it all?

There is a decided taint to both of these situations, and it doesn’t really come as a shock; not even to me.

Justice does not always appear to be blind nor do the scales of justice always seem evenly balanced.

All this going on as we prepare to honor those fallen men and women who gave their lives defending our ‘freedoms’ seems blatantly incongruous.

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