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Could There Have Been Another Reason for the ACA?

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I posted a blog on my company website about the enrollment numbers concerning the Affordable Care Act now that we are beginning to learn about people who paid versus people who didn’t and about duplicate enrollments, etc. that have been found by the insurance companies processing the data.

That theme continues in my mind and that means you’re going to be exposed to it, too.

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, was thought to be primarily useful in eliminating the 47-48 million people who were uninsured in our country.  Additionally, it was going to be a lifesaver for those people who have pre-existing conditions and were unable to find individual health insurance coverage (those in larger employer groups are usually covered in spite of pre-existing conditions).  That number is unknown but is thought to be substantial.  But for the sake of this blog, let’s assume that it numbers some 10 million people.  I suspect that is a very low number compared to reality.

We were told that 8 million people took advantage of the extended enrollment period for the ACA and that insurers now estimate that 80% of those are paying their premiums.  So, there are about 6.4 million covered out of a pool of 57-58 million people who should’ve been anxious for the opportunity to buy health insurance especially if they were given subsidies to help pay for it.  Given all the expense including premium subsidies for those unable to pay the full cost, all the political cost and all of the anguish many have felt as the result of the passing of the ACA law, we have apparently taken the 57-58 million person pool down to about 51-52 million people.

We don’t yet know, and may never know, the true cost of the ACA to all of us, but it strikes me that the return on the huge investment (ROI) is terrible.  If the ACA was needed to respond to the demand of those who were unable to purchase health insurance coverage either because they were too ill or couldn’t afford it, the ACA rollout has been an utter failure. 

We are risking the entire health care marketplace’s viability upon something that the government has had great difficulty in selling…and it has had even worse experience when you consider that it was nearly giving the coverage away to many.

This quest must’ve been about something more than just covering all these unfortunate souls if the government was willing to spend this amount of our money and its time on the ACA only to realize such a paltry ROI.  Could it be that this was simply the ruse used by the Administration and those in Congress of similar persuasion in order to begin the process of nationalizing the health care marketplace?  I know that is likely thought to be blasphemous by many, but what on earth could have compelled this giant boondoggle at such great political risk to those in Congress recognizing the terrible ROI if not the take-over of the health care system in the United States?  Is it possible that we have been intentionally duped by our own government?

Just another conspiracy theory?  Or is there too much truth for this to be adjudged a conspiracy theory?

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