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Republicans Avoided Embarrassment This Week-end

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Well, the hoped for, by some, melt-down during the Republicans' state convention this past week-end did not materialize.  Brett Hulsey wasn’t nearly as tough as he was expected to be.  He is, after all, a comedian in politician’s clothing.  I do really look forward to the debates on the Democratic side of the gubernatorial race this year…if any end up being held.  Hulsey will make his opponent answer questions she’d rather not confront.  Like what she'd actually try to do about Act 10.

Hulsey is a Democrat even though he professed to want to become part of the Republican caucus which, of course, was not to be.  Hulsey is caught in uncomfortable middle ground and that makes him more likely to be a difficult thorn-in-the-side for Mary Burke during their encounters.  He has nothing to lose.

There was no joy, I suspect, in the newsroom at the Journal Sentinel.  Mr. Bice had spent all week trying to create some suspense.  In the end, the further out Republicans were not able to even make a dent in the convention.  There was to be neither annulment nor secession.

We will see the actual campaign begin to crank up now as we begin the move to November.  Burke’s people will do their best to muddy Walker up.  Plan on hearing much ado about Walker not hitting the 250,000 new jobs mark he promised.  I hope that he will avoid making any more iron-clad numeric specific promises.  He is more seasoned having already stood for election and then re-election in his first term.  He will have enough difficulty with the Presidential talk that seems will surround him.  That can be managed to become a decided plus if it is managed properly.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will continue to hammer Walker on anything he can possibly find a connection for since Barrett still stings from the losses he has suffered at the hands of the Governor.

Sheriff Clark could become a lightning rod that Walker would be wise to keep a bit of distance from if at all possible.  His likelihood of running for Milwaukee Mayor might just make him a target through which the Democrats try to get to Governor Walker.

It isn’t too likely that Milwaukee, the city, will cast a majority vote for Walker given past elections.  The central city, especially, is solid Democrat and the outer edges of Milwaukee are closer but not lopsided toward Walker.  Barrett’s voice will play nicely against Walker given this pre-conditioning.  And we wonder why Democrats don’t want to hear about voter ID issues, and why a very liberal Federal Judge Adelman made such a twisted rhetorical and theoretical leap to find as he did on this most recent decision on voter ID.

All in all, this past week-end was pretty good for the Republicans.  Now the real fun can begin.

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