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Benghazi Will Not Go Away That Easily

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As much as the White House and State Department (and prospective Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton) have tried to get Benghazi in the rear view mirror of the media, this issue continues to be reborn.  True, the bulk of the media has been very cooperative in working to put Benghazi behind us.  But, this is one of those “move on; there’s nothing to see here” kinds of issues that will not go away.  The truth will out even if it takes time for that to occur.

A new revelation has occurred as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request made by Judicial Watch.  That request was a specific request for Benghazi-related documents.  The idea, as spokesman Jay Carney was forced to try to spin, that this was a general e-mail suggests that is not the case given the specificity of the FOI request.  This White House has not generally shown itself to have been so eager to share documents that it would’ve included anything it did not believe to be specific to the request.  The Carney/White House spin just doesn’t fly.

You can access the e-mail in question here.

So, back to Hillary Rodham Clinton and her desire to be the first woman President.  She has not managed to make herself seem presidential by her tour as Secretary of State.  She is remembered for her outcry at the end of a Congressional hearing to the effect, “What does it matter at this point anyway?”.  It may not have mattered to her, but it still matters to plenty of people.

The simple truth is that there are enough people who do not believe this government and its spin on the Benghazi story.  There were four people murdered and there has been no justice for them or their grieving families.  In fact the promises that were made to those families as they stood on the tarmac watching the remains of their loved ones being moved from the aircraft that carried them home were broken almost as quickly as they were uttered.

Benghazi had nothing to do with the purported video for which a man still sits in jail to keep him from telling his story.  Benghazi had everything to do with a failed policy in the Middle East under the watch of President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  The failure of responding to requests for more security or responding with force to the attack that was waged over many hours is yet another sign of the ineptitude and lack of concern for these four people that was running rampant in the White House.

There is nothing to indicate that the White House has learned anything from Benghazi except that it needs to make up a better story if that is permitted by the media.  Our foreign policy has remained a disaster under the current Secretary of State.  Our President still appears to believe that his magic words can move the mountains of the Middle East and of Russia and Ukraine.  These last nearly three years cannot go past quickly enough.  We still have plenty of this garbage ahead of us, and yet ‘we the people’ re-elected the man.  We can’t simply blame Romney as not having been a good enough candidate.  ‘We the people’ have to shoulder our share of that blame.

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