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Griebel Children Benefit Account

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We are accustomed, as much as we would wish otherwise, to tragedies befalling those around us.  Sometimes we are directly involved in those tragic occurrences.  But, there are tragedies and then there are TRAGEDIES.  One of the latter occurred just a few days ago on April 25th when a horrific single vehicle automobile accident took the lives of a young mother and a young father.

That accident resulted in their family of five children ranging in age from just over 1 year to 13 years old being without a Mom or a Dad.  In an instant, their world changed drastically and forever.  Unless you have been traveling without paying attention to this terrible tragedy, or are not residents of or living near the Germantown area, you would’ve been hard-pressed to not know about it.

People had already responded to the obvious needs of the kids, and an aunt and uncle and their two children moved into the family home to care for all until some decisions could be addressed in the best interests of the kids.  Their church family has reached out as one would expect a good church family to reach out.

The rest of us can make a significant difference in the lives of these kids without having to know them personally or even having known their parents personally.  We can pray for them and for their future lives once this all fades from the memories of most of us, as these things, even things so horrific, do.  The kids and their caregivers will never forget and will continue to have needs far into the future.

An easy way for each of us to have an impact on their welfare, their recovery and their extended futures is to make a donation in their behalf.

You can make your gift by mail or by stopping at any Associated Bank by making out a check or donating cash to the Griebel Children Benefit Account.  If 500 readers make contributions averaging $10 each, that means $5,000 for their future needs.  If 1,000 readers make donations of $20 each, that means $20,000 for their future needs.  Even $5 will make a difference.

I expect that we will see other opportunities announced through which we can provide support, but this is an easy way to do that before we forget.  Stop by the nearest Associated Bank today or tomorrow and make your contribution.

And please don’t forget the prayers they will need today and tomorrow and for many, many tomorrows to come.

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