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Pandering For Votes

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The unknown unknowns are the killers.  Those are the things that no one saw or at least considered that could derail a project or that could be the catastrophic occurrence that hit out of the blue.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has to be replete with a number of unknown unknowns.  We hear more about those kinds of things almost on a daily basis.  If these things were always known, then anyone who voted for this law without taking the time to adequately consider its ramifications ought to be brought before a court of law charged with malfeasance in office…if there is such a charge.  If there isn’t, there surely ought to be.

Recently we learned that health care providers are on-the-hook for the charges for services rendered to people who appear to have ACA health care coverage even though they may not have paid for that coverage and are going to be retroactively terminated as the result.  Think about that.  If you are a physician or a surgery center or a hospital, you render services the cost of which you may be forced to simply write off if the person had not paid his or her premium.

If this was known and the Congress still passed the law as written, then those who voted ‘yes’ are culpable.  Unfortunately, the majority party was so intent on having this as their big give-away to take home to the voters; they paid virtually no attention to what was in the piece of legislation.  Nor did they care about all the driving language that would have to be added to implement the law as it was written.  The law was some 2,000 pages long.  There have been ten times as many pages or more written in order to implement that law.

The majority party cared not a whit about all that effort; it didn’t bother itself with staying in that loop.  Its sole concern, apparently, was having this big pretty box of goodies to take home when pandering for votes.

We peons had no opportunity to make our views known since we had already shot our wad by electing and re-electing those who made the decisions, even though they made virtually totally uninformed decisions.  Worse yet, we’ll probably re-elect those same people yet again.

All this haranguing brings me to a point (for which I’m sure you’re thankful):  the person who originally stated that we get what we deserve when we vote was cynical.  I don’t believe we deserved this.  But, once our elected representatives convene, there is almost nothing we can do to control the outcome that we didn’t already do when we cast our vote. 

We are subject to the fact that the majority rules, and so long as we are comprised of sufficient people who vote for the party that gives them everything they believe they’re entitled to receive, we will continue to have the problems that we have today.  And, there will come a time when our country will simply be unable to afford everything it gives away due to politicians pandering with our tax dollars for votes.  This downhill slide could already be irreversible.

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