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A Pleasant Experience!

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Isn’t it amazing how someone who does a good job and appears to enjoy his or her work sticks out from the crowd?  You can almost instantly identify them.  Not that others aren’t necessarily doing a good job, but that the people who show it are special.

I had that experience with a fellow who said he’d come back to fix an insulation issue in our new abode.  He said that last February when the weather outside was not conducive to working on the issue and he came back yesterday.  He not only fixed the spot he’d identified in his first two or three visits, but also fixed a couple of things I pointed out that had come to our attention after his previous visits.

Andy said he’d do it and he did it!  And he did it with good cheer and a smile on his face.  He stood out because that isn’t always what we find today.  Too many do a haphazard job to begin with and then try to avoid any call backs, or display their disgust at having to take time from their new jobs to deal with whatever was left undone or poorly done on the last job.

This is sufficiently uncommon that I made it a point to let the president of the company employing Andy know what a good fellow they had in him and how much we thought of his attitude and his caring that we were happy customers.  The president thanked me and said he’d pass the comment along to Andy as soon as he came in at the end of the day.

Then, this morning, I saw a quotation attributed to George Halas who said “Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else”.

It was very obvious that Andy didn’t want to be doing something else.  He was enjoying the opportunity to make someone happy because that is what he does.

I was reminded to always remember to recognize those people who show how much they enjoy what they do.

I hope you will remember that, too.  It, unfortunately, may not take as much of your time as you’d wished.

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