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Local Flavor of 2014 Boston Marathon

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The 2014 Boston Marathon was run yesterday without incident.  Some 36,000 people started that marathon and quite a number were from Wisconsin (37 column inches of incredibly small typeface to give you an idea).  I have family members who have completed several marathons and Iron Man events and, consequently, have an understanding and appreciation for all that goes into training for such events.  I frankly don’t know where those genes came from since I’ve never had such an urgent need to push myself to such extremes.

The overall men’s winning time was 2:08:37 (two hours, eight minutes and 37 seconds); the overall women’s winning time was 2:18:57.

Germantown was well represented and those who officially finished the marathon are listed below with placement and time:


#680 – Andrew Beck – 2:46:29           (approximately 10.6 miles per hour)

#4351 – Tim Siegel – 3:11:06            

#15649 – Matthew Gunnelson - 3:51:14       


#14128 – Amy J. Gleeson – 3:45:45

It is difficult to imagine the number of practice hours these folks have put in, the number of pairs of shoes they’ve gone through, the aches and pains and injuries they’ve endured and just how difficult it is to stay mentally tuned in.


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