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The State GOP Platform

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Wisconsin has once again made the national news. Yet again, we are a national political laughingstock. A platform referendum affirming Wisconsin's right to secede from the United States has been proposed by GOP activists and will be voted on at the May 2-4 State Republican Party Convention.

A party platform is not binding on office holders. However, a platform reflect the aims and legislative goals of the party grassroots. After hearing about the bizarre secession proposal, I wondered what other items have passed during recent state GOP conventions. What does the party really stand for? The current policy platform is proudly displayed on the state GOP website.

Below are direct excepts from that platform (in italics). Like most platforms, this one is written in diplomatic language that often hides the real intent. To help the reader decipher each line, I added some of the unstated intentions behind each statement in green.


We want to strengthen and revitalize America’s core values which unite a large majority of Americas. (We want to force our morals on everybody through legislation.)

 We support proposals to lower the rising costs of health care that can burden many families and employers. (However, we desperately want to repeal a law that actually does this, and we offer no counter-proposals of our own.)

As it states in the Declaration of Independence, “we are endowed by our Creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which makes clear that certain rights can’t be taken away by government. (Except for marrying who you love, determining your own reproductive destiny, singing in the Capitol, collective bargaining, voting, petitioning the government, etc. ..... )

We oppose efforts to restrict the ownership, manufacture, carry, or sale of firearms and ammunition by law-abiding citizens. (We believe in all guns, everywhere, for everybody. If heavily-armed weirdos walking down Mequon Road disturb you, too bad.)

We believe it is important for the President and Congress to fix the broken Social Security system. (Count on working until you are 78.)

We oppose policies that could penalize employment or make the state less competitive in the global marketplace. (Forget about any increase in the minimum wage or equal pay for women, and by the way, we will repeal weekends.)

We believe our elected officials should develop a roadmap for fiscal responsibility by balancing the budget, reducing and eliminating the deficit, and building a surplus in the Treasury... (Ignore everything we did during the Bush Administration. We are the fiscally responsible party. Really we are.)

We believe in freedom-of-choice learning environments by supporting a variety of educational options including, but not limited to, charter schools, home schooling, virtual schools, and a school choice voucher program. (We believe in destroying and then privatizing public schools.)

We believe that our natural rights as embodied in the Constitutional begin at conception and continue until death. (Abortion will be outlawed in our state. After all, politicians know best.)

We support measures to encourage businesses to voluntarily cut pollution. (Uh, Koch Industries, we would greatly appreciate it if you would stop polluting from your factories. That is, if it would not trouble you too much. Thanks a lot, sir.)

We favor a Social security proposal in which personal social security savings accounts would be optional ... (We want to privatize social security.)

We support the protection of Wisconsin natural resources from any non-sovereign entity. (Unless that non-sovereign entity is Gogebic Taconite, which is allowed to write its own environmental laws.)

We believe statements regarding religion and morality made by the Founding Fathers are as important today as they were over 200 years ago. (Except for that goldurned separation of church and state.)

We.... protect all religious references and symbols; including those on public buildings, lands, or documents. This includes prayer in public schools.... We reject that this violates the U.S. Constitution and discriminates against those who are of other faiths or are not religious. (Get ready for a state- mandated fundamentalist Christian religion.)

We should go back to the principles of the Founding Fathers and adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy that first and foremost protects Americans and American interests. (We are for a non-interventionist policy except when Obama is also for it. Then we are ready to invade anywhere, any time !)


Well, that is the current Wisconsin GOP platform. It will be interesting to see what is added during the May party convention. With all of the negative national publicity concerning the kooky desire to secede, party leadership is in "ix-nay on the azy-cray" mode. They may squash the weirdest of the pending resolutions.




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