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Ben Carson For President?

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Ben Carson for President?

He says that he won’t run unless he is called by God to do so.  I have come to think this is a very solid man who has his head in the right place.  He is soft-spoken but with the edge of solid wisdom that makes him easily listened to from my perspective.  He has a so far impeccable past given his practice of medicine and his renowned surgical skills.  He has no particular political history to be exploited.

His speech at the prayer breakfast, which essentially brought him to the public’s eye, was an eloquent, low volume, but nonetheless intense discussion of the current Administration with the President present on the dais.  There is now a report that the Administration, soon after that speech, made it known they wanted Carson to apologize to the President.  Carson has yet to do so and indicates that he sees no reason that he should.  From his perspective he said things that were true and, even though they might’ve been embarrassing to the President, he sees no reason that he should have to apologize.

Ben Carson is a breath of fresh air.  He might make comments somewhere down the road with which I’d have issues, but he has yet to do that, and I have no reason to expect that he will do that.  On the other hand, I have yet to see that one candidate who appeals to my conservative mindset.  Those who are declared or semi-declared are okay but there is not one that really stands out to me.  There are either things about each that I have some difficulties accepting or they are people whom I doubt will be able to withstand the rigor of the campaign, or both.

I could very easily get behind the candidacy of Ben Carson and be excited about that candidacy.  Most of the others would be a better choice than anyone the opposing side would place on its ticket, but I would be in that spot of feeling compelled to vote for a candidate that I wasn’t really excited about as a lesser of evils.

He impresses me as a no nonsense practical thinker.  He is, for me, a compelling speaker given his style and the content of what he says.  He may be a novice at politics, but that isn’t something I’d see as an impediment.  It might very well be seen as an attribute by many.

So, Doctor Carson, I am way short of being something like the voice of God, but I hope you feel called.  I believe there are millions of people who would feel as I do, people who are fed up with politics as usual and who would see you as a person who could halt the diminution of the body politic by your very presence.  I hope and pray that you will think very seriously about this calling.   

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