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Farewell Ms. Lightning Rod

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The most seen, and used/abused, lightning rod in Washington, D.C. is leaving her position for whatever might lie in her future.  The former Governor of Kansas is resigning from her position as head of the team that implemented the Affordable Care Act (or ObamaCare as I am obviously prone to calling this law in honor of its chief protagonist).

Kathleen Sebelius, who served essentially as the shield and deflector for her President, has spent a tough five years in the Secretary’s position.  She has danced the dance of imputed ignorance before Congressional committees protecting her President.  She is, however, anything but ignorant.  She has had more executive experience than her President has or will likely ever have.  She ran a state while he was organizing stuff like community activists.  There is no comparison.

Ms. Lightning Rod has served her President well even though the roll-out of Obamacare was not perfect.  It wasn’t even close to perfect.  Well, the roll-out was terribly flawed in reality, but Sebelius served as the chief deflector for her President.  She appeared before those Congressional committees and, like a faithful and loyal servant of her President, she took the hits.  She danced the dance of imputed ignorance.  She denied the undeniable.  She feigned like a neophyte executive who was simply in over her head.

President Obama owes this person more than he can ever repay; and we all know by now, whether or not we are willing to admit it, that since this is all about him he’ll not even try to repay her.  She will not likely be remembered for her skill as a deflector and one of the troops that had to be ground under the wheels of Congressional committees.  She will find a comfortable spot someplace where there is a staunch liberal business owner or college dean who understands her huge level of service to this Administration.

I don’t understand the psyche and morals one must possess to stand sworn before Congress and make like you don’t understand a question or get as close to the line of falsehood as is possible without be held in contempt of Congress.  I guess we are learning that being held in contempt of Congress is more a badge of courage than anything else.  What was I thinking?

I sincerely hope that, as ObamaCare continues to unfold before our eyes with all its warts and festering sores, that we will not fall victim to blaming Ms. Lightning Rod; and, that we will instead look to the people who passed this monstrosity and he whose name is forever attached to it as the true villains.

Kathleen Sebelius was a good foot soldier who took more lightning strikes than anyone ought to have to take for her President and for a Congress, a Democratic Congress, which passed the monstrous bill we knew as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  It has done little to protect the patients who find their doctor or hospital is not now available to them.  It is proving itself to have been more aptly named the Unaffordable Care Act. 

Let us see how many of the uninsured are actually enrolled and at what cost to all those who were insured.  Maybe I will have to eat crow, but that seems highly unlikely as I see things unfolding today.  In the meantime, and just in case, I’ll seek a good recipe for broiled crow.  If my beliefs prove accurate, I can always share my recipe with those who supported ObamaCare.

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