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Walker Gets It Right Again

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Governor Walker has announced that he will sign a bill that legalizes the use of cannabis oil, a byproduct of marijuana, for medical purposes.  That is the right move.  It doesn’t put us anywhere near those states that have approved the sale and use of marijuana.  We are not about to be the next Colorado with tourist flights landing in Milwaukee so people can purchase their marijuana.

The cannabis oil helps young people who suffer seizures like the young fellow mentioned in the morning Journal Sentinel who suffers some 100 epileptic seizures every day.  Imagine the relief he will experience not to mention the relief his parents will experience.

The other bill Governor Walker said he will sign is also an important bill.  It is the bill that will move the investigation of in-custody deaths to independent investigators rather than permitting the agency under whose custody the death occurred to perform an investigation of itself.

The idea of a self-investigation is fraught with potential pitfalls, even when the investigations were conducted fully in the light of day.  When a person who has been arrested dies while in custody, there are simply too many questions that have to be answered to have any taint associated with the findings.  We have all seen the stories about possible police misconduct even though few actually result in findings of misconduct.  There is no reason for law enforcement agencies to put themselves through this meat grinder when there is seldom anything untoward involved.  If there is a subsequent finding of culpability, so be it.

Finally, I hope that our Governor does not honor the request of Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) that he call a special session for the approval of a $10.10 minimum wage.  That would be a job-destroying step rather than the benevolent law that Barca and his party seem to think would be the case.  Let some other governmental entity be the guinea pig for such a move if it just has to be tried to satisfy the liberals who think it is the end all and be all.

Lastly, there is quite a turn-over in state government with announcements by quite a few who will not seek re-election.  That, too, is a good thing.  New blood usually means fresh ideas.  There are, of course, those who decry the new boundaries and claim that is the reason they’ll not run for re-election.  There may be some truth to those claims but that is a two-way street.  Republicans are equally as culpable in this regard as are Democrats.  The lines change with every passing decade and simply depend upon the party in power at the time.  Unless and until there is a bipartisan solution that makes everybody happy, this is the way it will be.  And the likelihood that will happen is remote.

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