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Military Base Open/Concealed Carrying Rules?

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Ft. Hood was the site of another shooter taking the lives of fellow soldiers, four at present with many others wounded, some very seriously.  This does not appear to have the overtones of the earlier killings.  This was, in other words, not an apparent Jihad situation.

The post Commander, a three star General, wrote the following General Order concerning the possession of personal fire arms on the post:

The problem with these kinds of orders, as well as with the declaration of restricted zones for people carrying personal weapons, is that the orders are obeyed by those who become the targets of others thus leaving themselves no means of defending self or others who may be threatened.

We have seen this twice at Ft. Hood.  We see it in instances across the United States even though many states have carrying laws that permit carrying a weapon.  In the states permitting the carrying of firearms, there are still those places declared to be ‘off limits’ to anyone who plans to enter while carrying.  Schools have such postings but there is often a police officer present during most hours of each day.  We call these School Resource Officers and they generally are present to keep students from fighting, etc. but they also serve as a deterrent for anyone thinking about harming people within the school building.

Military Police are, of course, armed but like civilian police they cannot be everywhere all the time.  They also have the peculiar (and not necessarily pleasant job) of policing in an environment where the majority of contacts have been trained in the use of weapons to kill other people.

If these kinds of incidents continue to occur, there may well need to be a complete re-thinking of the rules and regulations governing the carrying of personal firearms on bases.  Such incidents cannot be permitted to continue whether stateside or out-of-country. 

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