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Quick Hits: March 27, 2014

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CNN Money published its list of the 50 greatest leaders in our world today.  I am not a CNN fan but I have to admit they nailed this one.  Pope Francis is number 1.  The person meeting with the Pope is not on the list.  That person not on the list is President Obama.  Bill Clinton ranked #5.  I would have loved to be able to eavesdrop on that behind-closed-doors meeting.

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Christian Schneider did the heavy lifting in the morning newspaper as he reviewed the latest piece put out by the Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.  The piece was her jobs plan titled “Invest for Success”.  Schneider makes note of the name including the word “Invest” in the plan’s title since governments only have money to invest if they remove that money from our bank accounts.  She also likes the idea of a $10.10 minimum wage although she has that implemented over a few years.  For having been such a great business person at Trek, it seems she missed the lesson that such increases result in the very people they are designed to help ending up losing their jobs all too often.

Governor Walker gained a point in the Marquette Law school Poll conducted by Charles Franklin from 47 – 41 to 48- 41 over Mary Burke and this after the campaigning had begun.  Seems like maybe Mary Burke was better off when people weren’t familiar with her…but time will tell.  The political world can be very strange from time-to-time.

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Marquette makes news with the selection of its new President, a layperson, although he is known to be a devout Catholic.  UW – Milwaukee now goes back to the drawing board since it needs a new President after this selection of Michael Lovell.  He made some bold moves at UW – Milwaukee and can probably be counted on to do some similar things at Marquette.  Now, on to the selection of the next basketball coach.

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The Obama Administration’s continued re-creation of laws such as the Affordable Care Act begs the question:  when is someone going to bring this matter before the highest court in our country?  The President does not make law nor does he amend law; the President enforces law.  Someone really needs to help him, the great legal scholar, better understand the U.S. Constitution’s separation of powers doctrine.

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The Northwestern University court decision stating that amateur athletes in the private college setting can unionize could have placed us on a weird path for the future.  This decision had nothing to do with these athletes being compensated.  But, how long will it take for that to become an issue given that so many people believe amateur athletes ought to receive a share of the vast sums they earn for their schools other than in the form of tuition grants?  This decision has opened a potential Pandora’s Box at least for all private colleges.

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