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A 3-Peat, But What Next?

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A 3-peat it was but there was some drama before the game was over.  Neenah acquitted itself very well against a great Germantown team.  Even in such a low-scoring game, G’town managed the victory.  It proved that it didn’t need to necessarily bury an opponent even though the Coach can breathe a bit easier if the team is up by more than ten points.

So, another great team is history and there is another Division 1 title trophy for the case.  All that having been said, there is a question that seems to be becoming perpetual and that is this:  will Coach Showalter return to coach another year?

Obviously both sons are now out of the Germantown program.  I am not sure but I think Coach probably has a few more years before he could retire from the Germantown Police Department with a full benefit even though there are some grey hairs poking through here and there.  We hear that there has been at least one offer more or less locally that was turned down.  It could be that Coach could accept an offer from a small college in the area and still stay on the Police force.  Whether or not that would be enough to get him to decide to hang it up in high school coaching would have to be seen.

I cannot begin to imagine that he is ready to not be a basketball coach; it is part of his DNA and he has proved he is most capable.  He is able to build a rapport with his players; they all become like sons no matter the bloodline; there are a lot of players working their way up the ranks who would love to play for him; he is a huge part of the community.

All that having been said, Coach Showalter has established himself as a really top notch coach.  He has to be on the radar screen of some bigger schools if not for immediate purposes then at least for a not-too-far-down-the-road interview.

A record of 106 wins against 4 losses in a four-year span of time is unbelievable.  Someone has to have their eye on this man.  How many people are there with a record like his who could jump from high school to college and not miss a beat?

The answer is: not very many.  Maybe there isn’t another at this moment in time.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for him and us, but what we can do is salute the guy who made Germantown basketball what it is today!

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