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Where Are The Leaders?

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The political environment morphs from bad enough to even worse as elections approach.  In fact, the time between elections seems to have shrunken over the past several election periods.  We now are nearly in the perpetual mode of re-election campaigning.

The Presidential aspirants have been posing for the requisite holy pictures for many months already.  The recent CPAC event in Washington, D.C. served as the stage for most, if not all, of the potential Republican Party primary candidates.

The democratic side has the overhang of VP Joe Biden who gives all the signs of a candidate even as the Democratic Party moves ever-closer to the near-ordination of Hillary as its candidate.  All the air is occasionally sucked from the room, of course, whenever President Obama does his grandstanding trying to prove that he is still in command and control of the Democratic Party; this as that party tries valiantly to make voters forget the current President.

The machines on both sides have been cranked up for a long time and the attempts to sully the reputations of opposing candidates, or even those who are feared to become opposing candidates, is in full blossom.  It is springtime in our political la-la land and all kinds of blossoming is going full tilt.  The race for Governor in Wisconsin is now officially on since the candidates have aired their first commercials.  In reality, the Democratic challenger fired the first shot in that contest only to see the current Governor’s team bring its response within hours.

So, silly season has arrived even earlier this cycle.  We will be subjected to barely believable commercials from all sides.  The non-partisan press will really try to earn that self-bequeathed title, but promises to fall short of that goal yet again.  What will the price of the Presidency end up being this time?

For all its faults, our approach to determining our leaders is still the best even though we seem to try our utmost to pervert it.  We watched as events such as the all-but-certain annexation of Crimea by mother-Russia was undertaken.  We watched as the supposed leaders of the free world made fools of themselves trying to make Russia’s President Putin back down from his border-crossing escapade.

We see that the issues of the Middle East have been pushed to the side of the road even as those issues are probably the most threatening that we face in the world today.  We see that the United Nations is still dependable; it can’t even find the bag let alone fight its way out.

The overall quality of free-world leaders, in my opinion, has declined.  The larger-than-life leaders of old are no more to be found.  Maybe there lies somewhere a real world leader in waiting who will only become known as he or she takes control of this mess we’ve permitted to be created in our world.  Is the time written of in the Bible closer than we might think?

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