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A Flying Saucer?

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A Flying Saucer?  In Germantown?  In Esquire Estates?

The police were alerted to a suspected sighting according to the Germantown Police report section of this week’s Germantown Now newspaper.  Police were unable to confirm the sighting.

First, I no longer reside in Esquire Estates so I was not out flying something trying to spook my neighbors.

Second, however, is the story I was told by an octogenarian resident of Esquire Estates many years ago about his sighting of such an object, a very bright light that moved erratically.  He was quite certain it was something extra-terrestrial and always had lamented that he hadn’t alerted someone so that he’d have had some corroboration of his sighting.  My old friend is no longer with us, so I doubt that he had anything to do with this reported sighting although who really knows about such things.

We have friends on the western side of Wisconsin who have had such an experience and who saw the burn marks on a tree outside their rural farm home the next day.  They are not, and were not, the kind of people who would’ve consumed too much of something and hallucinated.  They were shaken by the experience and told very few about it for fear they’d be thought to be a bit on the loony side.

I have wondered, along with tens of thousands of others about Area 51 in Nevada where our government supposedly has the remains of such a flying object secreted in a hanger so that no one will ever see it.  You can imagine the hysteria, the panic, which might erupt if such a sighting were to be proved true.  It may be that we’ll never understand if there are such vehicles but these apparent sightings occur just often enough to make one wonder.

Maybe this was the return of that earlier object that my old friend and former neighbor saw while alone outdoors on the early evening he recalled.

We’ll likely never know for certain during my lifetime, but it is one of those things we can muse about.  I always thought Esquire Estates had a special allure.  Maybe someone or something else also feels that allure.

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