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The John Doe Is Closed...So Why Is It Continuing?

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Hear ye, Hear ye…

‘The John Doe is closed and the results of the John Doe speak for themselves in terms of who has allegedly committed a crime, who has been charged with a crime and who has been convicted of a crime,’ former Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim told Wisconsin Reporter on Wednesday.

Give it a break!

The level of Democrats’ and liberals’ disappointment, and of the disappointment of the mainstream media, can be measured by the hundreds and hundreds (an estimate since I didn’t actually measure the column inches) of column inches devoted in the Journal Sentinel today to attempt to convict Gov. Scott Walker following the release of tons of e-mails that were gathered up during the John Doe investigation mounted by former Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim.

The quote featured above is that from the judge who ran this John Doe.  There is no more ‘there’ there.

So, we awaken this morning to the Journal Sentinel’s headline: Records link Walker to secret email system.  This would appear to ignore the fact, as stated by Judge Nettesheim, that the investigation is done.  Those who could be charged with anything have been charged.  Those charged who could be convicted have been convicted.

This has been politically-driven and is still being politically-driven.  Governor Walker is talked about as a potential Republican Presidential contender, and that simply cannot be tolerated.  That thrust was again fed yesterday as Democratic Senator Debbie Wassermann Schultz, conveniently in Madison when these e-mails were released upon the order of another judge, and her continuing diatribe of aspersions against the character of our Governor.

If this effort to derail all things ‘Walker’ failed, then ignore reality and continue the drumbeat against him through asides and innuendo and aspersions cast in quotations provided to hungry reporters for the largest newspaper in the state.

At the rate we seem to be going, there will be perpetual John Doe’s for so long as Governor Walker is able to sit up and take nourishment, especially if he continues to be talked about as a national figure that just might have a shot at becoming the next President.  That simply cannot be tolerated by the liberals both here in Wisconsin and nationally.

Thanks to the Wisconsin Reporter for continuing to act like media outlets are supposed to act.

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