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What Were They Thinking?

What were these National Guard members thinking when they posed in front of a military casket draped with the flag of our country?  There are fourteen members posing, they thought humorously, and obviously one was of the mindset to post the picture on her Instagram account for the world to see.

There is nothing humorous about this.  I have had the distinct privilege to be a member of the Honor Guard that bore the casket of a dear friend and member of the 32nd Division National Guard to his final resting place.  I’ll never forget that privilege.  The state Adjutant General says the posting member will be disciplined, but all fourteen ought to be disciplined and with something more severe than a UCMJ Article 15 charge.

This is not only a transgression, it is obscene.

Milwaukee School Superintendents

This breed appears to come and go with increasing regularity.  They stop over in Milwaukee until they seemingly come up with a ‘better gig’ and then off they go to a new position and likely to a better income.  In this most recent case, the gentleman in that spot could lay claim to a 0.08% increase in the graduation rate during his tenure but that simply meant that what was, and still is, an atrocious rate of graduation was ever-so-slightly improved.  The Milwaukee education system needs a top-down and bottom-up review with some teeth involved.  The young men and women of Milwaukee deserve so much better than what they have been receiving and continue to receive.

One of the Good Guys and Gals

One of those people who fought valiantly to help students in the Milwaukee school system learn and become solid citizens has passed away.  His name was Jerry Allison and he was a Milwaukee Public Schools middle school teacher for 22 years according to his obituary this morning.  He is described as one of those teachers who found great comfort and joy when a student had an “aha” moment as the result of his teaching and mentoring.  It is probably safe to say that Mr. Allison had a significantly greater impact on the lives of students than did the soon-to-be-departed Superintendent.

PolitiFact Wisconsin

I marvel at the sometimes tortuous twists and bends in the logic that is used so that the Journal Sentinel and its PolitiFact Wisconsin pieces can be deemed non-political in its findings and pronouncements.  Today’s version hinges on the letter “s” since state Republicans claimed Doyle raised the state budget during Mary Burke’s tenure as state Secretary of Commerce by billions when he only raised it by $1.35 billion.  PolitiFact rated this claim “Mostly False”.  Let the record show thus.

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