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The "New" Old Town Inn...Finally

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Our men’s breakfast group at Shepherd of the Hills met this morning at Crossroads for our monthly get-together and a regular topic of conversation came to the surface with the question, “When is that Jerry’s Old Town going to open”?

And then, as I sat down with my morning newspaper, that question was answered.  The new Old Town Inn has its grand opening today at 5:00PM!  That is great news and I’m anxious to try the ribs again.

Chaz Hastings, who also bought the Bier Stube that was re-opened many months ago, apparently encountered more work than had been anticipated; a lot more if the passing of time is any indicator.  The newspaper piece indicates that he spent nearly $1 million in the renovation of the Old Town Inn.  I expect that the quality of the new Old Town Inn will be very good since nearly everything Hastings touches turns out to be that.

We, in Germantown, have needed another dining venue and that need is about to be satisfied.  I can only imagine how long this renovation has seemed to have taken from the new owner’s perspective.  Time is money, both that which has been pumped into the project as well as that not flowing out of the new establishment over these many months.  Deep pockets seemed to have been necessary, and now comes the “proof of the pudding” for Chaz Hastings.  I cannot believe this new iteration of the Old Town Inn will not be top-of-the-line and am anxious to sit down for dinner before too long.

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