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Toughest Opponent Yet?

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Germantown’s boys’ high school basketball team met up with what might be the toughest opponent it will ever encounter after four members of the team were arrested after a traffic stop during which the odor of marijuana was sensed by the arresting officer.  Some will be surprised that such a thing could occur in Germantown but that is the nature of the beast today.  Much more troubling things are occurring all across our state, things involving hard drugs and deaths.  By comparison, this incident is peanuts although still serious.

We have the benefit of a tough law and order Coach, actually a police officer, who loves the kids on his team and who will probably shower these four with his special brand of “tough love”.  They’ll not soon forget this occurrence in their lives, and that is as it should be.  I still remember stupid things I did as a teenager and I suspect many of us can say the same thing if we’re honest with ourselves.

There are now two states in our union, Washington and Colorado, where marijuana can be purchased in state-licensed stores.  There is a big buzz about how quickly this might be expanded to other states.  Our President has equated marijuana usage with the consumption of liquor which, for some, will be seen as a green light while others will lament those comments.  Some, me included, would see marijuana as a gateway drug that could more easily lead users to try something stronger.  Others would pooh-pooh me and those who are of my mindset and say we are just worry warts, or old fuddy duddies who ought to mind their own business and let them mind theirs.  I also recognize that alcohol abuse is much wider spread at this point, although I wonder for how long that will be true as more and more states legalize marijuana sales and use.

I am hopeful that these four young men will emerge from this experience stronger and more discerning about future courses of action in their lives.  I am hopeful that they and many others will recognize the potential this experience holds for good in their lives.  We only benefit from experience if we learn from that experience; I know that to be true.

The other side of this situation was that of the rest of this team of which we’re all so proud.  They stood tall and won a tough game last evening against a very solid opponent.  Young men whom Coach always knew could meet the test did so when they had to do so.

In reality, even though we’d have all wished this hadn’t occurred, there are life lessons that flow from it and all of us, those involved and those simply observing, have the opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson.

My prayers go out to those involved that they might learn from this experience and be humbled by it.  The reverse is simply not where anyone would want to go.  Our community needs to offer its support.

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