What would Fred think of Dancing with the Stars?

Originally from England, Tim Brooks is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Menomonee Falls. With over 20 years of competitive Ballroom Dance Experience he can give a unique insight into the performance of all the celebrities.

Halfway through the season and finding out who will life the Mirror Ball Trophy

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 We are officially half way through this season and following on from last weeks shock eviction everyone is stepping up their game.


Bill began tonight’s performances with a Tango. The Tango is a dance that simmers with passion and I saw elements in this Tango that showcased the character of the dance. Posture and frame are key components to a man looking masculine and showing the lady off. It was a good performance from this crowd favorite.

Total Judges score 23


Elizabeth was up next with the Cha Cha Cha. This was a very clean performance and captured the flirty nature of this dance. Fast foot actions combined with hip action and strong leg action made this fast tempo dance look easy. This dance has made everyone realize they are strong contenders for the mirror ball trophy.

Total Judges score 30


Up next was Leah dancing the Quickstep. To her surprise Leah is starting to have fun on the show and this is allowing her to show more confidence. This had good movement and despite the speed and intricacy they kept in synchronization excellently. Her best performance to date.

Total Judges score 27


Brant went next with the Tango. He showed a frame and posture that was far beyond his experience level. He lead Peta and really attacked the dance dramatically while maintaining the quality I enjoy watching. His feet were a little light and could have been more connected to the floor but this as very good.

Total Judges score 28


Amber Riley shook everything her mama gave her with this Samba. This showed so many authentic Samba variations which were executed very well. Amber has always performed every dance very well, to me this was the best yet. The Samba is fast, furious and full of spice and she nailed it!

Total Judges score 28


Jack Osbourne was tasked with the Spanish Dance Paso Doble. It is difficult to find the right blend of not appearing stiff while you have the intensity required in this dance. His shoulders were a little busy and he lacked extension through his spine and ending in the arms.

Total Judges score 25


Nicole and Sasha tried to recreate Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers with this classic Foxtrot. The side by side and apart positions were very well executed. In frame the quality of movement needs to be improved as this dance is about progression across the floor but she did a very good job.

Total Judges score 27


Corbin was excited to dance to music from the TV show Game of Thrones.  This was very character driven and was lacking some of the elements of a traditional Viennese waltz. The movement lacked flow and refinement and was not one of his better performances.

Total Judges score 23


Tonight’s show had a twist – the “switch up dance”. The couples were limited in their ability to rehearse as the music and dance were kept a secret. This created a panic amongst the competitors but really this is much closer to a real life social dance situation.


This highlights the competitors ability to lead or follow which are very important skills that can help ensure someone doesn’t dread going to a wedding or social event. If you would like to start being able to look forward to going to a social event where there will be a band or dj and you want to be able to enjoy the evening then call Fred Astaire at (262) 251-2000 or visit www.fadsmenomoneefalls.com

The couples collecting the most points from the Judges were Corbin and Karina and Amber and Derek. These points were added to the other scores received.

Because of a technical glitch last week when the wrong telephone numbers were listed there were no eliminations this evening so everyone can breathe easy until next week.

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