What would Fred think of Dancing with the Stars?

Originally from England, Tim Brooks is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Menomonee Falls. With over 20 years of competitive Ballroom Dance Experience he can give a unique insight into the performance of all the celebrities.

Week 4 Reviewed, ths competition is hotting up!

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 Week FOUR of Dancing with the Stars is reviewed by Tim Brooks owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Menomonee Falls.


By week four of the show the novelty is starting to wear off and the grueling schedules of some of the stars can play havoc with their rehearsal time. In this intense environment the most successful couples can be the ones who are still working well as a team.


In little over a month some of the stars are noticing their bodies toning up and differences in their dancing which make them appear more confident. Len Goodman was back in England helping with the English version of the show and in his absence two-time champion Julianne Hough stepped in to help critique the contestants.


First up this evening we had Jack Osbourne dancing the Quickstep. This dance is fast and furious in nature and Jack should be commended for showing a confident and assured performance. He had good movement and frame which is something the man in particular is judged on.

Total Judges score 24


Elizabeth Berkley performed the Argentine Tango next and got into the character of this dance very well. In the Argentine Tango a key factor is showing leg lines and pointed feet as progression in minimal compared to the regular Tango. Elizabeth hasn’t mastered some of these aspects yet but with her limited Ballroom training that is normal. She did perform with confidence and I look forward to seeing her progression as the show goes on.

Total Judges score 27


Brant went next with his Salsa and underwhelmed the judges with his dancing but they appreciated him taking his shirt off! The Salsa is all about rhythm in the body while having precision in the feet which gives it a ‘crisp’ look. The choreography did nothing to show off any hip action as all I saw was lifts and tricks.

Total Judges score 21


Valerie Harper was hoping to bounce back from a disappointing performance last week with the Viennese Waltz. She had nice lines and extension but again she made mistakes that affected her performance . I also thought the choreography could have showcased more movement and partnership skills.

Total Judges score 18

The Queen of Queens Leah Rimini stepped up tonight to perform the Cha Cha Cha. For me she is one of the most improved dancers on the show and has started wearing less conservative clothing as she gets more comfortable with her body. This serves to show her moves better and I thought she did a good job of creating rhythm and performing.

Total Judges score 24


Performing the Paso Doble was Corbin Bleu, previously criticized by the judges for his hop style creeping through for the most part Corbin captured the essence of this dance. What we must remember is that the character and techniques of these dances takes a long time to master. The man in this dance is depicting the story of the bullfight and should have a different poise reminiscent of a matador. However the choreography was not easy and Corbin executed I with confidence.

Total Judges score 27


Snooki went next doing a high school themed Jive. Given her background as a cheerleader I was expecting a high energy level and she didn’t disappoint. I am always surprised when the dancers decide to wear sneakers or non-dance shoes as it inhibits the movement and usually the judges mention the lack of foot articulation. This was close to being very good though.

Total Judges score 24


Foxtrotting this week was Christina Milian and she has a lot of performance experience.  The big difference about Ballroom dancing is it is all about two people dancing together as one and this is something she will need to address to go far in this competition. She has a lot of ability and for those of you who have read my previous reviews the judges commented tonight on what I have mentioned in regards to Mark and his choreography which doesn’t always show off the student as well as it could.

Total Judges score 24


Amber Riley bounced back from the judges criticism last week to gain their praise this week. Amber is fast becoming one of my favorite dancers on the show because of her commitment and technical prowess. I really like  the choreography Derek gives her and every week she steps up and executes it well.

Total Judges score 27


Last but not least is Bill Engvall who is fast becoming a fan favorite. Following on from last weeks Paso Doble this week the Samba challenged him a little more. Technique and tempo make this dance difficult and despite some awkwardness he did a good job and is quickly establishing himself as the heart of the show. He should be an inspiration to men everywhere that you can learn to dance and in over 20 years of Ballroom dancing I have never met a woman who doesn’t think it is great when a mac can really dance.


Eliminated this week was Valerie Harper and I feel with losing her the show has lost a lady a lot of the viewers can relate to. Special mention should be made of her struggle and how she has overcome great difficulty to be a part of the show.  She is an inspiration to many and will be missed.


If watching the show has inspired you to learn how to dance then please contact our studio at (262) 251-2000 or visit www.fadsmenomoneefalls.com for information about how to get started. Two left feet?? We can put one right !

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