What would Fred think of Dancing with the Stars?

Originally from England, Tim Brooks is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Menomonee Falls. With over 20 years of competitive Ballroom Dance Experience he can give a unique insight into the performance of all the celebrities.

Week 3 is reviewed by Fred Astaire Dance Studio Owner

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 Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars is here and the celebrities are establishing some form. This weeks theme was Hollywood which of couse people think of when they think of Fred Astaire. 


Leading off tonights performances was Leah with Tony and they danced a James Bond themed Rumba. She got into the character in her face but in order to create a story in the dance you need to be able to dance the body. Motion creates emotion is an expression we use a lot. For just a few weeks I thought she did a good job.

Total judges score 24


Dancing the Quickstep was Corbin and Karina and this was his first ‘Ballroom’ dance on the show. The Quickstep is designed to be danced in frame which requires two people dancing together which given the speed of the music is very difficult. Some of the technical aspects were not there but performance wise it was very good.

Total judges score 26


Dancing a Foxtrot with an airplane theme Elizabeth and Val definitely soared to new heights. Showing a quality beyond the length of time she has been dancing they produced a smooth and assured performance with great frame and ease of movement. It takes a lot of work to make dancing look so easy so Elizabeth deserves a lot of credit.

Total judges score 25


Brant and Peta overcame injuries to perform the Quickstep. This was a well rehearsed routine that required a little more refinement to gain a higher score. He needs to begin pointing his feet and work on his posture to give himself a chance to win this competition. That said Brant showed good quality in his movement and connection with Peta.

Total judges score 27


Valerie and Tristan were up next with the Cha Cha Cha.  I found this number to be fun but I am sure Valerie will be disappointed with the mistakes she made with the routine. However, she kept performing through the whole routine and entertained the crowd.

Total judges score 16


Bill and Emma did the Lone Ranger version of the Paso Doble. This was a dance that clearly suited Bill as it is more about creating shapes than rhythm in the body. The tempo of the music was fast but Bill did a great job keeping up and showed great character. This was a huge improvement and Bills best dance this season by far.

Total Judges score 24


Amber and Derek were tasked with dancing the Charleston.  This girl really impresses me with her ability to consistently get into the character of the dance each week. She is at ease performing and Derek does a great job in showing her best assets off.

Total judges score 24


Jack and Cheryl danced a 70;s Cha Cha Cha. I thought this number had a little too much running around and when I see that it tells me that the routine was too difficult as it didn’t allow Jack to create any rhythm. His performance was whole hearted and just needs a little more hip action for the future.

Total judges score 22


Dancing the Charleston was Christina and Mark. While the routine and costuming wasn’t my style I can certainly appreciate the sychronisation of the two of them dancing together and Christina definitely raised the bar with her performance level.

Total judges score 26


“Snooki” re-appeared and danced a Quickstep with Sasha. This number had good performance aspects and was high energy. She needed a little more refinement as her position as a little stiff and artificial looking but overall a good job.

Total judges score 25


Bill and Tyne danced a robotic jazz number. Due to an injury Bill was severely hampered in his ability to dance. Despite this he adapted his routine to allow him to dance and it showed his character and determination to do well in this competition.

Total judges score 16


A common theme of the show is that every season the celebrities will often pick up an injury. I believe that this is a result of the intensity of their practice and some of the lifts and tricks that are attempted. Ballroom Dancing is actually a great rehabilitation for most injuries as well as being one of the most fun work-outs you will ever find!


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