What would Fred think of Dancing with the Stars?

Originally from England, Tim Brooks is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Menomonee Falls. With over 20 years of competitive Ballroom Dance Experience he can give a unique insight into the performance of all the celebrities.

Week 1 of Season 17 is here and reviewed by Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Menomonee Falls Owner

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 Week one of Season 17 of Dancing With The Stars is here and what an incredible achievement it is to be celebrating 17 seasons of the popular Ballroom Dancing Show. The format has changed slightly so that the show will be aired just one night per week which will make for more action and less ‘fillers’ on what was the Tuesday evening result show.


Recent visitor to the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Menomonee Falls Professional Anna Trebunskaya is not performing this season as she is 4 months pregnant so we would like to send a huge congratulations to her.

This season has many more stars from the television as well as the music industry and athletes. Here is my review of their first performance of the season.


Up first was Actor Brant Daugherty dancing the Cha Cha Cha. It is always difficult to go first and I thought Brant danced very well for having so little dance experience. He executed his routine well and showed glimpses of rhythm and great potential.

Total Judges Score 22


Performing second was King of Queens actress Leah Remini and she was tasked with dancing the Foxtrot. She showed a classiness about her dancing and the timing, footwork and overall appearance were well received by the judges.

Total Judges Score 21


Corbin Bleu is another Actor who is attempting to transfer his performing skills to the dancefloor. The contemporary style was chosen for him and for me was one of the best first weeks performances I have ever seen on the show. It was incredibly expressive and passionate and he had such a great connection with Karina. He is certainly one to watch…

Total Judges Score 24


Jack Osbourne was selected to be on the show this season and was watched by parents Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne. He gave a well rehearsed, fast paced foxtrot with good posture and an ease about his movement.

Total Judges Score 23


Glee Star Amber Riley worked the fringe on her dress in this Cha Cha Cha. By her own admission she is a little bigger and it just proves that size is not a barrier to good dancing and having fun. She had very good body rhythm and obviously has performance experience. She will be a contender

Total Judges Score 27


Elizabeth Berkley Lauren danced a contemporary number that had many good elements and qualities. In comparison to Corbin I thought it was slightly inferior as it is easier to follow a professional than to try and lead a routine. That said she was expressive and I look forward to seeing how she tackles a Ballroom dance in the future.

Total Judges Score 24


Mechanical Engineer Bill Nye danced Cha Cha Cha. He has a love of science but hasn’t yet found the formula for successful dancing. The great thing about dancing is that it can take people out of their comfort zone and let them experience the many benefits including greater confidence gained from the improvements made. For his first week I thought he did well but he is amongst an unusually high number of contestants with performance experience.

Total Judges Score 14


NFL Star Keyshawn Johnson and defied his football player size by being incredibly light on his feet. He showed some good rhythm in his body and now needs to ensure that it is in sync with the music a little more to increase his chances of doing well in this competition

Total Judges Score 17


Christina Milian was the next person tasked with performing contemporary and I was expecting a little more. For week one it was very good but it was missing some finesse and outward projection. This will come with time.

Total Judges Score 22


Comedian Bill Engvall said he risked getting laughed at by his buddies but I feel he will be having the last laugh after dancing a good foxtrot. He danced with confidence which was showcased through a good frame and musicality. He should be happy with this performance especially for his first week.

Total Judges Score 18


Cancer survivor Valerie Harper is another actress on the show. She continued her incredible journey with the foxtrot which was really well received by the audience. She said “It’s good to be alive and it is better to be dancing”. She appreciates the opportunity and I feel she will capture the publics heart. All that aside she actually danced very well and has a sophistication about her so foxtrot suited her.


Total Judges Score 21


Last but not least was Snooki from Jersey Shore who now prefers to be called Nicole. They danced the Cha Cha and showed good technique which always makes the dance appear more natural. This number had a good energy and I think an interesting chemistry.

Total Judges Score 23


If you are feeling inspired after watching the show and think “I would like to do that” then there has never been a better time. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Menomonee Falls is doing a ‘Back to School’ special that consists of one private lesson and one newcomers practice party for just $20.  For more information visit www.fadsmenomoneefalls.com or call (262) 251-2000

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