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I am a lifelong Germantown resident who is active in past and current events of the town and familiar with the community and its residents.

Common Core - Not welcome in Germantown

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It isn't easy to find common ground on Common Core, especially here in Germantown.

Common core is being pumped up as the "next big thing" and is being rammed into schools all over the country.  In my opinion, Common Core creates a unique "one size fits all" cirriculum that will create anything but unique students.  In our country and in todays day in age - we need unique students, unique leaders.  It would be beneath us to create "common" leaders and "common" students.  It is a giant federal take over of education.

I don't subscribe to the idea of the Federal Government trying to push common core in various states or in all states.  I think a different, more reasonable approach, would be to use common core or its cirriculum as a base model to learn from and to grow from - and to improve upon.  What actually has happened is that States that accept Common Core are being Financially rewarded for accepting what the Federal Government sees as the "best" cirriculum - and that is not right. Education and it's cirriculum is something that needs to be handled state by state and by it's communities - not by the Federal Government in a way to promote an agenda.

There are many of us who, having watched Obama in action during his first term, do believe that there is already an agenda going on. Obama and his cabinet and leaders in Congress are promoting the agenda of socialism — top-down, big government, national take over and control of first mortgage companies, banks, the auto industry, health care, student loans, and now, through Common Core, the entire education system.

I see acceptance to Common Core as a huge loss to State's rights and to righs of it's communities and a big step into the dark ages of Socialism.  I don't happen to be a fan of whenever a new initiative is launched, that the Federal Government finance it.  That's how they "own" it.

I hope that Common Core becomes "just another cirriculum" that various teachers have seen in various different forms over the years.

My biggest fear is that Germantown has turned from a "Red" town into a "Pink" town.  Folks, in my opinion, aren't engaged enough in educating friends, family, etc of the dangers of Common Core. I have one very small example to share with you.

There was a 15 year old student out of Texas that was fighting her school district over new tracking devices inbedded in school ID Badges. She refused to wear it and was threatened with suspension and expulsion.  The Northside school district alleges that the badges were put in place to track attendance and safety.  Attendance was actually what this was all about.  School districts use the attendance records to calculate how much educational funding they receive.  Being able to track students whereabouts at every hour will go a long way toward making sure that the money flow isn't cut off.

The idea of the Government monitoring citizens and following us around usually is something that upsets the "Left" (Democrats).  They actually complained about the monitoring of terrorists this way.

School Funding is about real dollars and cents and to Liberals - 

NOTHING trumps cold, hard taxpayer Ca$h.

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