Goodbye Mr. Basketball. Hello Next Year!

Published on: 3/11/2013

The Germantown Boys’ Varsity Basketball team has brought another state trophy home for the display case; obviously the second in two years.  The team will lose 7’0” Luke Fischer, 2013’s Mr. Basketball in Wisconsin, and that loss will be impactful.  We’ll be able to follow him at Indiana.

BUT, the team beyond Luke stays intact and there is very solid talent returning.  There are probably some, to the great displeasure of Coach Showalter no doubt, who would suggest that the team for next year has no chance of being as dominant or of returning to state.  I suspect that notion will be disproved very quickly as the remaining guys individually work hard on the AAU club basketball circuit throughout the summer, and as the new team comes back for the WIAA program in the fall.

We will probably see some changes in the offensive and defensive packages in the next season given that Mr. Basketball is no longer going to be around to clog the middle, bat away shots and to help break up the presses that are thrown at this team.  Remember that 6’7” times two isn’t tiny for most teams!

While there will be changes, there is no doubt in my mind but that the 2013/2014 version of the Warhawks team will be in every game and that it will win its share and then some.  Of course, there is that winning streak they will bring with them for the next season. 

Protecting that streak and extending it will be on their minds and Coach Schowalter will not forget how to get the very best out of each guy.  His “tough love” coaching approach has endeared him to the hearts of many fans and, I feel sure, to the hearts of every player he has touched.  Players are not wild about being critiqued in front of everybody, but they know they better respond, and they come to understand that he makes them get better so they can make the most of their individual skills and talent.  His teaching and mentoring will be with each for the rest of their lives!

Thanks for a great year Coach, and thanks to each and every player for their hard work and the victories they achieved.  They gave us all something about which to cheer!