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Sheriff Clark & His PSA

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Sheriff David Clark, Milwaukee County, has made quite the splash with his recent Public Service Announcement (PSA) released a few days ago.  His PSA talked of his views as to the need for people in his county to be prepared to wait for a 911 response.  He discussed the need for the public to be educated in self-defense, including the use of a legal gun, in many of the neighborhoods within his jurisdiction.

As might have been predicted by someone using even a cracked crystal ball, this drew an immediate outcry from the liberal politicians in the area.  It has been interesting to observe the continued outcry and actual vilification of the Sheriff as the result.  Clark has been a lightning rod since he was first elected to his position, but he continues to be re-elected suggesting that his message resonates with the voters.

At about this time, the County Sheriffs of Colorado released their organization’s position statement on “Possible Gun Control legislation”.    They state, “As law enforcement professionals and elected officials, the 62 County Sheriffs of Colorado welcome this dialogue” [concerning gun control legislation].  “However, we do not believe these tragedies [Century theater in Aurora, CO and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CN] should be used as the backdrop to advance gun control legislation.”

They go on to state, “County Sheriffs of Colorado believe in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution that guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms and that this right shall not be infringed.”  “We believe the Second Amendment is no less important as the other nine Amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.”  “The County Sheriffs of Colorado know first hand that strict gun control laws do not deter criminals from getting firearms illegally and committing crimes.  Rather, they hurt law-abiding citizens who may be left unprotected because law enforcement cannot arrive in time to stop a criminal’s bullet once he has pulled the trigger.”

In conclusion, the County Sheriffs of Colorado state: “The County Sheriffs of Colorado welcome open, honest and deliberative dialogue on all public safety issues.  At the same time, we urge our state elected officials not to make decisions during this grieving period because it would likely lead to policies that are unenforceable and possibly unconstitutional, while punishing law abiding citizens and doing nothing to reduce violent crime.”  

It seems that there are other sheriffs who share Clark’s beliefs and at least 62 of them are found in Colorado.  They make a good point when they state that legislation at a time of high passion following such incidents is likely to cause more trouble than it solves.  Politicians like to make such moves at a time when emotions run at their peak or very soon thereafter, since they can look forward to votes that might not be cast the same way in calmer times.  The longer the time that passes after a Sandy Hook slaughter, the more responsible and well-thought will be the legislative result.

All that having been said, Sheriff Clark will probably be re-elected yet again if he decides to run.  I suspect his position is seen favorably by a significant majority, and that would be those who continue to re-elect him term after term.

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