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Paul Adair is a 21-year Germantown resident, retired scientist, writer, and lecturer.

Amazing Germantown Facts


In this week's blog, I would like to take a breather from politics to look at some of the available information on the Village of Germantown. I am not using the data to make a point. Sometimes data is interesting in and of itself. I found that two of the most useful information sources were the website city-data.com (referred to as CD) and the US Census Bureau site (CB).

Geography. The name “Germantown” is certainly not unique in the US. There are Germantowns in Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois, and New York. Sections of major cities such as Philadelphia, Louisville, and Quincy (MA) are also called Germantown. We are not even unique in Wisconsin. There is a town named Germantown containing over 1,000 people in Juneau County. However, “Germantown” is downright rare compared to the name of our county. There are Washington Counties in thirty of the fifty states.

According to Google Earth, the latitude of the Village Hall is 43o13'13”N (same as the Gobi Desert) and the longitude is 88o07'16” W (same as Belize). The Hall is situated 880 ft above sea level. Germantown is 34.4 square miles in area.

People. The 2010 census found Germantown to have 19,749 inhabitants, up 8.2% from the 2000 count. Our population density is a fairly low 574 people/square mile. Germantown residents constitute 14.9% of the population of Washington County. According to the State Department of Administration, Washington County is projected to be the 8th fastest growing county in the state, growing by 44% between 2000 and 2035.

According to census estimates, there are 7,713 total households in the village, of which, 5,554 are family households. Of the families, 2,774 (50%) have children under 18. The average family size is 2.99 people.

With all of those families, we are somewhat younger than the rest of Wisconsin, with a median age of 41.7 years vs the Wisconsin median of 44.3 years. However, there are still a lot of us codgers mature adults living here. Fully 16.5% of village population is 60 or older (CB).

Of the total Germantown population, 3,202 were born in other states and 659 were born in other countries. So 19.6 % of our village residents are not native to Wisconsin and had to ask what a bubbler is.

Like most of the country, we are fortunate to have slightly more women in Germantown (50.9%) than men (49.1%).

When asked on the 2010 Census form for our ancestry, the most popular first answers were: German 48.3%, Irish 7.6%, and Polish 5.4%. Does the name Germantown attract Germans?

Climate. Germantown's average precipitation is 33.5 inches per year. The snowfall is highly variable, but averages 41.9 inches. Our average daily temperature is 44.6 F, with an average high of 54.3 and low of 34.8. January is our coldest and second driest month, with an average high of 25 F. July is our hottest month, with and average high of 80 F.

According to recent NOAA data, 2012 was Wisconsin's second hottest year since data was collected. According to The Weather Channel website, our lowest recorded temperature was an insane -40F in 1982, while our highest was 102 F in 1995.

Education. As reported in the Germantown School District 2012 Annual Report, there are 4,039 students in the district, including 1,668 elementary, 931 middle school, and 1,440 high school students. Of course, this does not reveal the number of students in the village. Some students living in Germantown attend private schools. Many of the District students live outside of Germantown boundaries. Yet, the 2010 census number of 4,076 K-12 students living in Germantown was not that far different from the district enrollment numbers.

Of Germantown adults 25 and older, 91.7% have a high school diploma. 35.8% have a Bachelor's degree or higher, and 13.3% have a graduate or professional degree (CB).

Money. The estimated 2011 median household income in Germantown was $74,694, while the mean was $90,873 (CB). (I guess that the mean have more money). In August 2012, our unemployment rate was 6.4%, compared with 7.1% for the entire state. (CD)

The estimated 2009 average value of housing units was $260,023, with the average detached house valued at $291,591.

Voting Germantown has a fairly high rate of voter participation. There are an estimated 14,537 people over 18 in our village (CB). Subtracting the 270 people who are not yet citizens, there are 14,267 people eligible to vote. In November, there were 13,028 registered voters (91.3% registration). Of these, 12,524 people actually cast ballots (87.8 % total participation) .

Well, that is a taste of the type of information data available on our city. I hope you found it interesting. Next week, I will return to my normal partisan rants.

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