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Christmas Eve Reflections

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It seemed that nearly four of every five people in Germantown had errands to run this morning, on this hectic day called Christmas Eve.  We are out and about picking up the last minute items to put under the tree and to gather all the food with which we’ll stuff ourselves in the coming few days.

Cashews have been part of our holiday fare since I met my wife to be and learned this was a regular Christmas treat that her dad favored.  I was a bit shocked to learn that a 2lb. bag of whole cashews was $13.00 and, of course, we felt we needed two bags.

What would the holiday be if there weren’t big quantities of sausage and cheese along with the appropriate crackers to munch on as we wait for the Christmas dinner?  Hams and turkeys are favorites, but we have migrated to bacon-wrapped tenderloin filets and have enjoyed those for the past few years.  I cannot seem to get whole tenderloins to taste as good as a broiled bacon-wrapped filet.

Among my must have items is some Egg Nog (without any spiking; that spoils the taste even though I’m far from a teetotaler).  My wife would have me buy the low fat version, but that seems unnecessary when everything else is full of fat.

Parking spaces at Sendik’s were at a premium as were shopping carts.   The gas stations were full of cars probably getting their gas tanks topped off for the trip to someone’s house today or tomorrow.  The weather appears to be decent for travel through this holiday season.

I may have finally found the recipe that I will use regularly to make flourless chocolate cake that is essentially bittersweet chocolate and eggs and butter with a raspberry drizzle atop it.  It is actually more like chocolate fudge than it is a cake, but I guess calling it a cake makes us feel better about eating it.

I think back to a special Christmas when I was a youngster.  I was not permitted to have a pet but I think Santa must’ve helped me out that Christmas.  A shaggy dog had made its way to our front porch and was snuggled up when I opened the door.  I begged and begged and the dog got to come into our formerly dog-less home that day.  He, or she (I didn’t realize the difference at that time) was very happy to be warm and to be able to eat some table scraps.  It rolled onto its back, with all four legs up in the air and slept like a babe in the manger.  Near the end of the day, the dog had to leave.  I never saw it again but I still remember that Christmas.

I also think about the families out East that are without the bright eyes of a daughter or son who was taken to Heaven too early from Mom’s and Dad’s point-of-view, and of the teachers and administrators who tried to prevent this terrible crime/tragedy.

I think about the firefighters in Rochester, NY this morning who answered a fire call only to receive fire that killed two and wounded two others.  While we are enjoying our Christmas, there are far too many in our world that are not able to do so…even if they know of this holiday we have named Christmas.

We are truly blessed.  God’s blessings and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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