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Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

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Those who were pining for a White Christmas will apparently have their wish granted presuming this stuff now on the ground, with more to come, stays through Christmas day.  We are due for more this afternoon and into the evening according to the weather forecasters and the radar images would seem to bear that prediction out.

I have to admit that it seems more like the Christmas season with snow on the ground.  We are talking about the secular Christmas season, of course.  Those of us who are Christian believers celebrate the birth of Jesus at this time of the Gregorian calendar year.  I am reminded again that many retailers do not want to run the risk of offending those who do not believe, and demonstrate that by eliminating all mention of Christmas in their advertising and in their stores and instead refer to Holidays.

I was caught a bit off guard the other day when a retail store employee actually wished us a Merry Christmas as she bagged whatever it was we had purchased.  That very mention being a surprise highlighted just how much the real meaning of this time on the calendar has changed.

A neighbor, whom we saw at a local grocery store, wished us a Merry Christmas.  She is not willing to let the meaning get lost, at least by those she encounters.  We walked on with smiles on our faces.

A more significant sign of our times, though, is the fact that the original outrage when Christmas began to disappear has gone away.  We are now rarely aware that there is no more Christmas in many of the places where we shop.  The public has accepted this as the new normal, apparently.

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