There Are No Guarantees in Life

Published on: 12/15/2012

We are reminded on a fairly regular basis that we can never be assured of the next breath.  This time it was the massacre in a relatively small town in Connecticut that took the lives of 20 youngsters and six adults.  We cannot hope to make sense of such things.  Some will blame God for permitting such a thing to occur.  Others will blame lack of stiffer gun control laws.  Others will blame the possibility of a mental condition that might’ve contributed to this travesty.

No matter what we take as our position or positions, there is one thing that is certain:  we never have surety (a guarantee) that we will see our loved ones at any time after we bid them goodbye.  They may only be running to the grocery store to pick up something for the evening meal.  They may’ve just gone to the shopping center.  They may’ve just been sitting on a park bench enjoying the day.  They may’ve suffered a heart attack all the while appearing to be as strong as the proverbial ox.  Rather than ‘they’, it might be me or you; it might be us that is not coming back home.

We need be sure that we have our earthly affairs in order, and, if you are a believer in God, we need to be as sure as we can be that we are prepared to meet our maker.  We need to be sure that our last words were loving words.  We need be sure that the last argument was properly settled with apologies as might be required.  We need be sure that we made that last thought known before we leave the house.  We need be sure we hug our child or wife or husband and let them know we love them.  We need to be right with the world and not leave behind us things that should’ve been settled between us and others that we thought we’d have a chance to settle later.  There is a time when later doesn’t come.  There is that time for each of us.

Most of the time it isn’t such a dramatic departure, but it is final one way or the other.

I would pray that each of us takes these life lessons to heart and tries to be sure he or she is prepared having said all the things needing to be said and having done all the things needing to be done to mend relationships before we leave for the grocery store or school or where ever it is we are going.

Sometimes all that takes is a simple “I’m sorry” or a simple hug or a simple peck on the cheek or a simple prayer of thanks.