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Rice Out of the Running

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Will we ever learn the facts concerning Benghazi?  Don’t hold your breath.  Susan Rice has been sacrificed to keep the name “Benghazi” out of the mainstream media.  If you believe that she made the decision to pull her name from the list for nomination to become our Secretary of State, you are simply not seeing the reality of the White House.  If it doesn’t make the President look good, it doesn’t happen.

I was not a Susan Rice fan.  I am not a fan of the next likely candidate, Sen. John Kerry, either but he will likely now become the anointed one with Rice having been discarded.

But, back to that nasty recurring and still unanswered question about Benghazi and the President.  What did he know and when did he know it?

The people thought to have been involved are being ‘protected’ by the countries in which they are thought to have taken refuge.  Or at least that is what we’re told.  We really have no idea of the truth in this matter just as we have no idea of the truth in the lead-up to and the absence of any strategic response to the attack on our Consulate.

We are now in the second term of President Obama and we should have become aware, by now, of how tightly run is this White House.  Susan Rice was told to remove her name from consideration; she didn’t just make that decision and make that announcement on her own.  Washington, D.C. does not run that way.  We are no nearer learning the truth about Benghazi than we were the morning after the occurrence.

We are now being fed the line that Secretary of State Clinton may not be able to find the time to make her statement about Benghazi before she leaves that office.  The investigation is ongoing and the final information may simply not be available.  She needs be careful if 2016 is going to be her time.

Our media is, in very large part, a willing accomplice in this farce.  There seemed to be a glimmer of hope for a few days but the media has apparently lost all track of Benghazi now, and there are bigger ‘fish to fry’ from the media perspective.  The ‘fiscal cliff’ dance is all-consuming…maybe by design.

The media romance with President Obama is alive and well.

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