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Random Thoughts...

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Random Thoughts…

The announcement that a new winery would likely be approved for Germantown is welcome.  The Apple Works Winery would be located in the former apple orchard location on Hwy 145 heading north from Germantown.  I hope all goes well and that we have a new winery available to all.  A few more out-of-town visitors would be good for all in the village.

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China has been making the news regularly and when it isn’t news about us borrowing more money to fuel our deficit spending, it centers on the advances that country has made and continues to make in economic and trade matters.  The Journal Sentinel did a nice piece on paper-making and how that has shifted to China’s favor markedly.  That, of course, has further disadvantaged paper-making companies and tree growers in Wisconsin.  Johnson Controls gave up its bid for the A123 automotive battery facilities and patents after China continued to outbid JCI.  It seems that, one way or another, we will be answering to China in bigger and bigger ways in the years to come.

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The Germantown boys’ basketball program appears to be headed toward being the area juggernaut this season, too.  The Cedarburg team must still be wondering what hit them in the recent 104-27 victory by G’town.  If they can continue at or beyond this level of intensity and avoid the loss of anyone to serious injury, they promise to give most, if not all, of their opponents fits.

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Janesville set dress codes for its teachers and what they are now prohibited from wearing makes you wonder what they were wearing.  The prohibitions included:  no jeans, shorts, flip-flops or jogging suits, no clothes that are provocative, ragged or that allow undergarments to be visible.  Business casual dress would include:  collared shirts, sweaters and casual slacks.  Women may wear:  skirts, dresses, blouses and dress sandals.  Exceptions are allowed on school spirit days, casual Fridays and on extremely hot days.


If you are searching for places to put contributions as we near year-end, may I suggest that you consider Simple Hope.  You can find their website at and you will find the two organizers to be members of our Germantown-Menomonee Falls area.  They are doing wonderful work in Tanzania and can always make very good use of funds you’d rather donate to a good cause than to the tax man.

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