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The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight?

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The way the “cliff” threat is being managed, one would have to conclude that the Republicans will lose the battle no matter what they do.  If they cave and give in to higher taxes, they’ll lose.  If the Republicans hold out and we ‘go over the cliff’, they’ll lose.  It is remarkable that the Democrats are so absolutely masterful at politics, at this kind of politics.  They put the opposition into a box and tie a neat little bow on it; and we hear about it over and over again for several news cycles.

I have not been a Republican for years but I am a conservative so I root for many of the Republican positions.  I simply marvel at the fact this party is about like the “Gang that couldn’t shoot straight” when it gets itself into these kinds of political battles.

It is true that the mainstream media aids and abets the Democrats when it comes to painting the Republicans, but the Republicans simply seem to take an active role in making themselves look dumb.  I wish it weren’t so.  I’ll pay a price with friends for saying this so bluntly, but there is seemingly nothing that Republicans can do to avoid getting put into these kinds of situations.

The ideas they espouse are often appealing, but by the time the Democrats get done with these ideas, they look like farcical Kindergarten level ideas.  Lies and half-truths are effective tools for the opposition, and unfortunately people are not bright enough to, or don’t wish to, realize that they have been the victim of that kind of political game.  Maybe many are willing participants.

This happens more at the national level; maybe that is part of the answer.  Maybe people at levels closer to the politics are better able to discern the truth.  There didn’t seem this kind of disconnect in Wisconsin with everything that was thrown at the Republicans here, but we have a Wisconsin guy running the national Republican Party…at least for now unless he is upended by a challenger given the results attained in the election just past.

The various Tea Party groups have been relatively quiet since the election but they usually are not in solid alignment with the Republicans either so they can sometimes be seen as adding to the woes Republicans experience.  Some suggest that the Republican Party will be gone in not too many more years having been replaced by a more conservative group whether that is known as a Tea Party or something else.

There can be little doubt today though that the Democrats, at least nationally, are on top of their game.  I don’t think you can make that claim for the Democrats in Wisconsin although that party is working as hard as possible to emulate the tactics of the national party.  So far those tactics have brought more derision that success.

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