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Is Democracy a One-Way Street?

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The Republicans are again under fire for daring to suggest that Wisconsin ought to make some further changes in municipal department/state boards involved in voter registration, identification cards and the Government Accountability Board make-up.

Parts of this overall issue continue to be tied up in courts and may or may not be settled by the time we have another statewide election.  Among those items is that of identification of eligible voters.  The very idea that Republicans would want to assure that those who vote are eligible citizens of Wisconsin makes those same Republicans the party at fault according to Democrats.  We are told that 300,000 residents of Wisconsin lack what would then be proper identification.  That number was first foisted upon us by a liberal who divined this number from work that has so far never seen the light of day.  But now the number 300,000 is supposed to be taken at face value.  How often do we permit unsupported “facts” to become reality through pure repetition?  Seemingly quite often…if they support a liberal agenda item.  The press is, of course, all too happy to print these “facts” often enough to imprint them on the minds of readers or viewers.

The next agenda item to take some hits is the revising of the GAB which was part of the morning Journal Sentinel today since Sen. Fitzgerald (R) mentioned this yesterday.  We are reminded that virtually every Republican voted for this version of an accountability board at the time it was passed and put into business.  That there might still be a problem with the GAB even though Republicans proposed this iteration and voted for it seems lost on those who would maintain the GAB in its present form.

Lost in this debate, if it can be called a debate, are the voting irregularities like pre-signed ballots without votes being marked found discarded in a Racine alleyway or the, to my thinking, questionable decisions taken by the GAB on various issues.  This debate fails to note the numerous incidents of out-of-state militants being brought to Wisconsin to help sign up new voters, and those who visit nursing homes and ‘help’ those seniors decide for whom they should vote.

I may have lost touch with reality…but why do we need same day registration?  If voting isn’t more important to us than that, then are we really qualified as a voter?  If we can’t have been registered by at least one week before the vote to permit adequate review of addresses, etc., then maybe we aren’t sufficiently motivated to cast a ballot.  I think elections are more important than we make them in Wisconsin.

The hue and cry from the reliable people who raise the hue and cry about everything proposed by Republicans is tiresome.  These are the same people too often who have done worse during their rein of power who are now responsible for derailing anything proposed by a Republican.

Is it possible for a retired judge to have a political belief system even though he or she ran as an independent?  Of course it is.  Look at the judges in Dane County.  Look at the judges in Milwaukee County.  Look at judges who decide to run for the Supreme Court and who are then identified by political party.  Is it possible for the legislature’s debate and votes to be thwarted by supposedly ‘independent’ judges? Just look at Dane County again.

Is it possible that we might have a brief respite from things political after electing President Obama to a second term?   Apparently not, especially if Wisconsin is solidly Republican again.  It must be better to keep the perpetual campaign going than to risk losing some steam.

The people’s will in Wisconsin is being thwarted.  We elected the people we elected.  We knew what they stood for, and we elected them because of that.  We are the people who believe voter ID is a very important matter.  We are the people who believe there is a problem with our elections system and who believe it needs to be tightened to assure that only properly registered and qualified people vote in our elections.

As liberals have reminded me, a conservative, elections have consequences.  That holds true for Wisconsin as well as for the United States; but some seem to have a problem contending with certain realities.  What is good for the Democrats is good for the Republicans.  Both need to be good winners as well as good losers.  Some don’t seem to be able to grasp that this is a two-way street.

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