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Christmas Began Last Evening...

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December 1st already and we have not yet really gotten into the ‘season’.  That changed quite a bit, though, last evening at St. Gabriel’s Church when both my bride and I had the great pleasure of singing in the Messiah chorus.  This was her fourth year and my third year.  We kept telling ourselves this would be the last year for a while because it is a real investment of time and energy.  However, on the way home last night, we reflected that just maybe we’d be back again next year.

There are some eighty or more members of this volunteer amateur chorus along with some twenty orchestral players and soloists for the bass, alto, tenor and soprano parts for a total of one hundred or so presenters.  The orchestra and the soloist group are comprised of both amateurs and professionals. 

Sunday afternoon, December 2nd will see our second and last presentation of this season at Crossroads Church in Mequon.  The doors open at 2PM and the presentation begins at 3PM if you have interest.  It would be wise to arrive early for good seat selection.  A free will offering that goes to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission is the price of admission.

The Messiah was written by Handel over the span of twenty-four days and it is a marvel; he was truly inspired.  The music is quite challenging from the point of view of we amateurs.  I think we are all quite tired, both mentally and physically, at the end of the roughly two-hour presentation.  BUT, I know we all benefit significantly from having participated in the entire process.

This is a great way in which to officially kick off our season and I think it might work that way for you, too, if you’re of a mind to take the time to attend.

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