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What Would You Do If...

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The Power Ball jackpot for coming Thursday is projected to be at or beyond $425 Million.

Will you be involved with a ticket or will you sit out?

In either event, what would you do if you held the winning ticket?  Quite a few of the prior winners have ended up in bad places in spite of having more money than virtually any of us could even imagine.

I have known one person who won a much, much smaller amount, yet a significant amount, and that person planned wisely and spent wisely, helped others and continues to benefit from that good fortune.

I purchased a Power Ball ticket for the first time in years for this last drawing and thought about what could be done with the after-tax remains of $325 Million.  I thought about trust funds for family members and for churches and missionary groups that could make use of that kind of money to help untold others.  I didn’t think about new houses or trips or new vehicles, although, had I been the winner, at least some of those thoughts probably would’ve come to me very quickly since I am human and avarice is a human condition.

Those thoughts cost me $10 and were probably worth much more than that just in the warm feelings the thoughts of helping others brought for a few minutes.  But, after the drawing, and being able to identify just one number on my ticket that matched a number drawn, I realized that nothing had changed for us except the loss of a ten dollar bill that had previously occupied my wallet.

Those thoughts were followed by recognition that there are people, and probably way too many, who spend far too much on the elusive chance to be rich…all to no avail.  The temptation is just too much to be able to overcome, and unfortunately that is probably more likely to happen for people who are least able to afford the money ‘invested’ in the gamble.

And yes, I’ll probably spend another $10 to help fund someone else’s jackpot now that it is predicted to be worth at least $425 Million on Wednesday. 

What would you do if....

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