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The Season of Getting?

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We have come through another Thanksgiving season and are plunging headlong into the next season.  We have given thanks for the bountiful blessings we have enjoyed.  We have cleared the feast table and packaged the leftovers for later enjoyment.  Some of us have ventured into the night to seek booty on Black Friday.  Some of us have already returned to our homes either elated at what we got or dejected at what was gone before we could reach out and take it.

I fear that for too many of us, we have just moved from the season of giving, giving thanks for all we have received.  My fear is that too many of us are now moving, with gusto, into the season of getting.

My aim in this writing is to reach those of us who believe in God, and others if the time is right for them.  We, for the most part, know that we ought to be dialed in to the miraculous birth of our Savior, and yet we all too often seem to forget that until Christmas morning, and remember it then only after the presents are unwrapped and we have seen what we received in a material form.  We celebrate the season of getting when we need to be focused on the ‘reason for the season’.

I enjoy the presents I receive probably as much as I ever have, but I have come to understand that these gifts pale in comparison to the real gift given to us all if we will but accept that gift.  A good friend sent an article this morning that discussed the state of ‘not being dead’ and that made me think of not being dead for eternity. That is the promise I have been given through my faith in God.

I know that for some, maybe many, who read this it is just more drivel by one of those people who think they’re better than others because of their belief system.  I know that I am no better than any who will read this and very possibly am worse than anyone who reads this.  But I also know that I have been forgiven.  Some will argue that I am simply the victim of this giant scam, this hoax known as religion.

My faith tells me this is real and I am confident of my eternal life.  True, I may not be sufficiently able to prove this to those who are not yet, and may never by, a believer in God.  At least I may not be able to prove it to that person sufficiently to overcome his or her belief that there is no God, that there was no miraculous birth of the man named Jesus.  While I will live with the disappointment of having failed in this effort, I still rejoice in my comfort in the knowledge that I will not be dead in an eternal sense.  There is, for me, a new beginning after the end of me here on this earth.

I pray that this is not simply a ‘season of getting’ for you and those whom you love. 

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