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Is This How It Will All End?

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A brief article found its way onto page 11A in the morning Journal Sentinel.  Its title is “Benghazi attack inquiry stalled.  The sub-title is “No arrests forthcoming, Libyans say.”  The tenor of the article is apologetic with Libyan officials quoted as saying, “the nation’s police and court systems are so disorganized and powerless that there is virtually no investigation into the Sept. 11th attack on the U.S. consulate that left Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans dead.”

The article continues, “Officials in Benghazi said the first problem with pursuing those responsible for the attacks is that police officers are afraid to move against the Islamist extremist suspects, who, like many in this country, are members of militias that are better armed than state security forces.” “Even if charges were to be brought, there is no proper court system for prosecuting anyone.”

The attack occurred more than two months ago.  We have no idea what, if anything, our government is doing about investigating and punishing those found to have been involved in this attack.  We have no idea because we aren’t being told anything about the Benghazi attack by our own government.

Beyond all that is this simple question:  Why were we there in the first place if this country is as dysfunctional as its own people report it is, and if we were not prepared to protect our people with a suitable level of protection by our own forces and not some local hires who could’ve easily been coopted by threats from the militias?  We have a diplomatic installation in Tripoli but apparently the State Department was trying to show that it really wanted to be buddies with Libya so it set up a separate minor consulate in Benghazi.

Now, of course, we have the further distraction of infidelity on the part of the former CIA Director.  That clouds the already murky information stream, or maybe we are better to call it a dribble rather than a stream, that has told us nothing of any significance since this went silent to avoid disrupting the election.

This smells of dysfunction and collusion in both the State Department and the White House, and it absolutely must be gotten to the bottom of by the House and Senate Committees responsible.  Of course, the House will have to carry the load since the Senate is Democrat-controlled.

Is this how it will all end?  If so, what a travesty that will be.  What a waste of human lives.  What an absolute shame for all those even remotely complicit by their decisions taken or not taken. And, what a shame for the families who lost their loved ones…apparently for nothing.

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