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Has MATC No Shame?

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The MATC dominoes tied to Act 10, after a Dane County judge earlier struck down several portions of that law, continue to tumble.  The MATC Board met behind closed doors for an hour yesterday and walked out of the room having approved a motion to open negotiations yet again on the current contract that doesn’t expire until February 15, 2014.

The vote was five to four; those in favor were Graciela Maizonet, Jose Perez, Bobbie Webber, Lauren Baker and Ann Wilson according to the morning Journal Sentinel.  The Board, an appointed board by the way, will now commence negotiating a one year contract that will become effective at the moment the current contract ends.  Obviously this is intended to take further advantage of taxpayers to the benefit of the union while liberal judges delay the full and complete implementation of Act 10.

The first of these kinds of maneuvers resulted in the free pension plan being continued for 1,933 union members.  The average salary of those 1,933 people was, incidentally, more than $95,000 per year.  In return for this, the union agreed to a two-year wage freeze, concessions concerning their health insurance coverage and allowed MATC to avoid filling 19 vacant full-time teaching positions.  Obviously the union won this session even though the outcome was billed as the result of negotiation.  Negotiation typically means that the deck isn’t stacked once the meeting is called to order, as is the case when the board‘s vote can easily be predicted as to final numbers and even the names that will be involved.

The simple majority of the MATC Board appears to be solidly under the control of the union.  The agreement that will be reached will be legal and there is nothing that can be done about it as things now stand.  There is no shame on the part of the members of the union, or at least if any are ashamed they’re not talking about it for fear of retribution.

MATC is the Horn of Plenty for at least these 1,933 people even as it is a thorn in the side of the average taxpayer who has no voice in the selection of the MATC Board or in the levying of the tax burden that is decided by MATC.  Taxation without representation is not appropriate even if it is legal through some fancy footwork that a legislature somewhere along the line danced.

The MATC example is disgusting…and so far looks as though it will continue to be disgusting if liberal Dane County judges have their way over the expressed will of elected officials who were placed in office by the voting citizens of this state.

By the way, there will be a Wisconsin Supreme Court race this coming spring and that will be critically important as it is a reliable conservative justice (Pat Roggensack) who will be up for re-election.  When the Dane County justice system has had its way with us by delaying the inevitable, such cases typically are decided at the state Supreme Court level but only after damage is done to us as evidenced by the MATC Board and this union.

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