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More Than Meets The Eye?

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Is there more to the story concerning David Petraeus’ resignation from the CIA because of an extra-marital affair than meets the eye?

Mark Belling posited, a day or two ago, that there might well be something else lurking beneath the apparent situation and, today, the AP raises some of those same questions.  And they point to Petraeus’ statements made earlier that the CIA didn’t foul-up in Benghazi which seemed to fly in the face of the Whitehouse White House statements, such as those were.

Part of the AP story that is intriguing is the fact that the FBI uncovered the affair during its “investigation” of Petraeus.  He was already confirmed to the position as head of the CIA; what could’ve been the reason that he was now being investigated by the FBI?

One line of reasoning is that the Whitehouse White House bristled at Petraeus’ statement since it forced a brighter light to be shone on the Whitehouse White House in the Benghazi debacle.  This line of reasoning would support the ordering of an investigation of Petraeus to find a lever that could be used to cause him to retract or recount his earlier statement.

It seems obvious that Petraeus will be called to testify before Congress, and his outright divulging of an affair removes any leverage the Whitehouse White House may’ve thought it had.  If there was any doubt that he would be called after his resignation, those can likely be safely put to rest now.  I suspect those in Congress will be only too happy to have him sworn in and to take his testimony on what he knew and when he knew it…and who else was in that same information loop and when.

In the meantime, I feel for his wife and family because they are really suffering this most private of anguishes in the broad light of day as the result of his high position.  He should’ve known better, but many that have walked this path should’ve known better.  The more I think about the circumstances involved, the more I wonder if Mr. Belling wasn’t on the right track ahead of the pack.

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