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Benghazi Revisited

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The willing accomplice that is known as The Associated Press (AP) pushed a story out overnight for newspaper use and our consumption.  That story relates to the California man, who made the film trailer titled ‘Innocence of Muslims’, who was arrested almost immediately after the Benghazi debacle and held without bail being set and without a court hearing.  Some have thought that the blaming of the Benghazi fiasco on this film trailer and on this man was simply a ruse to remove the glaring spotlight of ineptitude and malfeasance from the Obama Administration.

That man, Mark Basseley Youssef, has now had his day in court and was sentenced to one year in federal prison for violating terms of his probation on a bank fraud case.  This had nothing to do with the supposition we were fed that his film trailer was the cause of the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, but his arrest certainly kept him out of the limelight until after the election.

Some might conclude this was a well-orchestrated attempt on the part of the Obama Administration to shift the glaring light from it to this man who was blamed for the Benghazi attack almost immediately following us becoming aware of the debacle.  You might recall that we were told repeatedly that the attack was only the result of a riot by an unorganized group of people in direct response to their becoming aware of this film trailer that depicts Mohammed as “a religious fraud, pedophile and womanizer” (according to the AP story).

This is all a bit too convenient, in my opinion, given the heat that the Administration deflected until after the President was re-elected.  The AP did nothing to ferret out the background information on Youssef until after the election had been decided.  The Administration was forced into gradually shifting their story all the while claiming they weren’t shifting the story.  Unfortunately for the Administration, the shifting of the story has been well-recorded and the timeline is very much public.  We watched the story being changed day after day.

Congress (actually the Republican-dominated House of Representatives) is not going to let this investigation pass without shining a very bright light on the actions or inactions of all who were involved, both directly involved and tangentially involved.  The cover-up has worked insofar as the Administration actually having been able to keep it off the front pages until after the election.  The mainstream media (of which the Associated Press is a primary driver with its daily feeds) is fully culpable for permitting this travesty to have been buried for weeks.

Those who should’ve acted but didn’t act to prevent Benghazi or to fully protect the Consulate need to be called out and need to make appropriate atonement up to and including resignation in disgrace if that is indicated.  This will include major players based on the knowledge accumulated to date and they need to be held accountable.

This is flat-out disgusting; it is sickening.  The press ought to be ashamed of permitting itself to be played like a fiddle.  We ought to remember this and those culpable for many years to come. 

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