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Double Down!

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Well, the election is finally over. We have reelected President Obama for four more years. We have a new Democratic Senator, joining a Democratic-controlled Senate. Republicans across the state and country are wondering, “What happened?” “Karl Rove told us that we were winning!” “ With the economy in bad shape, and that anti-American Islamic Kenyan in the White House, why did our party not just roll into Washington like a tidal wave?” “What should we have done differently?”

I would like to just speak to the Republicans out there. Sure your losses hurt right now, but it is never too early to plan for your political comeback. As a political observer, I would like to suggest a a few things that you can do during the next election cycle to be more competitive.

The candidates that you ran this year were Republicans in Name Only. Before this year, Romney and Thompson both had reputations as party moderates. When they voiced Conservative positions, it seemed as though their hearts weren't really in it. They only adopted Conservative views to win their primaries. Romney even ran from earlier Conservative positions during the debates with Obama, trying to be “Moderate Mitt”.

Voters stand with people who stand by their convictions. If only Republicans had candidates who were real Conservatives, with real Conservative credentials, then people would line-up in droves to vote for them. The important thing is for the party to stop trying to be what it isn't. The Republicans should be their Conservative selves, and the votes will follow.

Start at the leadership level. Reince Preibus is way too liberal to be RNC Chairperson. I understand that some real Conservatives are currently looking for a job. Joe Walsh (IL) and Todd Akin (MO) are both available. Either one of these patriots would make a great party spokesman. And it's not too early to select your next Presidential candidate. Make sure that this time around, they have the right kind of Conservative credentials. I understand that Rick Santorum is willing to run again. A Santorum-Michelle Bachmann ticket would be a fast route to the White House.

Double down on your popular war on public workers. Romney alluded to it when he complained about the teachers unions. Pretty weak tea. Go full on, taking on all public workers. They really don't need any benefits paid for by you, the taxpayer, do they? Why should any public workers make more money than those who are paying their salaries?

Robocalls are an especially good way to reach undecided voters. You should double down on those. However, it is difficult to catch people during the day. You should always call before 7 AM or after 10 PM, to make sure that you catch folks at home.

The Republican War on Women needs to change from a Cold War to a Hot one. Go beyond the “life begins at conception” concept. I can see a “life begins at cuddling” amendment as a magnet drawing voters to your party. Talking about rape at every opportunity is also a great way to attract support. Just ask Richard Mourdock.

That pesky gender gap? That problem needs to be solved once and for all. Women just are not making the right decisions in the voting booth. Maybe you should push for a repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment. Who needs that women's suffrage thingie?

The Republican/Tea Party has for years attracted a sizable fraction of the anti-intellectual populace. Denying widely-accepted scientific beliefs, such as evolution and climate change seems to be working for you. You need to double-down, however. Deny electromagnetism, gravity, and quantum theory, too.

Double-down on the conspiracy theories. They put your party in the best possible light. Whether the birther controversy, death panels, the UN taking your guns, or Obama complicity in the Benghazi attacks, the Republican Party has always been a good source for “news” that the MSM simply will not cover (for some reason). These theories don't make you look crazy or anything.

Be sure to not let the truth get in the way of your campaign ads. Just keep making stuff up. The public doesn't want the facts, and won't bother to check them. Whether it is $716 billion stolen from Medicare, Obama taking the work requirements out of welfare, or Jeep moving to China, the public wants more fabrications. Be sure to lie at every turn. If the press calls you out, just repeat the lies louder.

The snake flag thing has served you guys well, but that is getting a little outmoded. You need an updated banner that really represents the old-time Conservative philosophy of your party. Maybe adopt the Stars and Bars.

Your party should take a cue from the Obama campaign, which used Bill Clinton as an effective surrogate for the President. You should make full use of your assets, getting George W. Bush out and campaigning for Republican candidates whenever possible.

As a Democrat, I feel like a turn-coat in giving you guys advice on how to win the next election. Please don't let any of my progressive friends know that I told you these tips. However, if you just double-down on what you are currently doing, I am sure that next election cycle will reward you with all the success that you deserve.

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