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"What Did He Know, and When Did He Know It?"

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As the flow of information from and about Benghazi has continued over the days since that attack occurred, the pressure on the White House and State Department continues to increase.  This attack, and the lack of any response in an attempt to help the people in the Consulate, is becoming the elephant-in-the-room that the Obama Administration continues to try to ignore.

The President claims he is the one person who most wants to know what went on in Benghazi but in reality is most likely one of a few complicit persons who most want this to not occur until after November 6th.  There is a classic question that evolved from the Nixon era: “What did he know, and when did he know it?”  There are several people in high places in the current Administration who do not want to have to answer that question under oath, and the President himself is the apparent  leader of that group.

The answer that we’ll finally get to that question is suggested by the daily revelations being made after some members of the press have begun to dig more deeply; and, after what appear to be some of the people who were involved in Benghazi begin to share their angst at being told to “stand down” as they sought permission to mount a rescue from a few hundred meters away.  All this while they were begging higher headquarters for air support while targeting-by-laser the site of the heavy weapons that were raining mortar rounds down on the Consulate.

The story is being unfolded day-by-day and it is not a pretty thing to watch.  In fact, it is disgusting.  It is a story of active and intentional neglect by high-level authorities who had virtual real-time access to everything that was happening, and who chose the politically-driven answer to the requests for help.  That answer was ‘no help’ essentially because that would expose the Libya situation as being far from calm and peaceful as we were being told since President Obama’s intervention.

This whole story is very likely to blow wide open before November 6th given the pace at which it is unfolding.  The press, at least some of the press, has now tasted blood and it will relentlessly pursue the rest of the story.  The poor guy who was arrested for creating “the video trailer” is probably going to rot in jail since he was the target for all the blame by this Administration.

We now can be sure that this attack was a very well planned attack and not some ragged band of enraged citizens who just had to throw some rocks because of this mysterious video that transgressed their religious beliefs.  I have been in a mortar platoon and I know what it takes to drop a round on a distant target that you can’t see.  That takes sophistication that a ragtag bunch simply doesn’t have.  It takes a forward observer who helps to pinpoint the target by providing a fire direction center the corrections to be applied to each subsequent round.

This was well-organized.  This did not flow from some video trailer as the Administration claimed.  This is an unmitigated disaster on this Administration’s watch, on this President’s watch, and the coming election needs to rid us of the mess they have created for us…on many fronts, most of which don’t cause immediate death, fortunately.

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