Ted Klumb is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate agent with First Weber and CEO/Founder of TKOR, LLC property management ( He lives and works in Menomonee Falls, is a graduate of UWM, and is married with two children. Ted is also a former member of the Menomonee Falls School Board, a faith development music teacher, and musician who’s enthusiasm far exceeds his talent.

Falls Trustees, Let Our People Vote

Local Politics

It is high time we change how we elect village trustees by changing the election process back to the way it was before the hyper political era.

It used to be that a citizen could file his papers, collect the needed signatures and run a campaign based on issues. If they garnered the top two or three votes, for the available positions, they won the election and started to serve the citizens. That was a simple and good idea.

A while back a few hyper politicos decided to force people to run against a specific candidate. It may have sounded good at the time, but time has demonstrated it is a bad idea and should be changed back.

Let’s have the top vote getters win the election and serve the people. Let’s eliminate unnecessary and costly primaries. Let’s eliminate unnecessarily contentious primaries where the opponent tries to smear the other citizen trying to serve their community. Let’s get more candidates to run and have a chance to succeed.

I call upon the Trustees of Menomonee Falls to change our elections back to the way they always should be. Please do this now.

Do I hear a second? Please call your trustees and express your opinion. I called Dennis Farrell and he plans to bring it up to all the Trustees.

Trustees, please do not make it necessary for the citizens to organize, get petitions signed, and get this right. Do the right thing on your own. 

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