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Ugly News

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The Jerry Sandusky case, that is spewing forth graphic and lurid testimony detail, is simply sickening.  If it indeed happened, as numerous people who are now testifying under oath say that it did, he needs to be imprisoned for what should be the rest of his natural life, and he needs our prayers as do the apparent victims.

There are indications that there are more people who were complicit, even if tacitly, and those people also need to face their frailties and make the appropriate peace both internally and externally.  To have known, or even seriously suspected, such things were happening and to have done nothing or not enough to thwart it, is to be guilty in a fashion; maybe not guilty enough to warrant time in jail, but certainly time spent in deep introspection and apology.

Each of us has the possibility of becoming aware of such happenings, or of suspecting things such as this might be occurring.  That would be a terrible sentence for us to be under since, if we were wrong, we could easily ruin a person by our accusations.  Similarly, if we were right and did nothing, we would cause more people to be victimized.  Maybe this is the classic “rock and hard place” dilemma we talk of.

We can see, from the names of people who were close to this situation, that none of us is immune from such exposure.  Our status in life makes no difference in such situations.  It is this fact that is so troubling since we tend to think we and others are ‘normal’ and ‘decent’ and ‘God-fearing’.  We have been taught to not jump to conclusions but to let things play out in their good time before reaching a conclusion.

There is a word, discernment, that means “to judge well” and that is most often used in the context of faith; but, that word is probably called for in these types of situations.  If this situation were to befall any of us, I would hope and pray that we were able to summon the gift of discernment.

In the meantime, may those involved in Pennsylvania be able to begin or end their healing process soon.  And, may those of us who have yet to be involved in such a terrible situation be thankful for that gift.  

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