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Week In Review

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National politics, thankfully, has supplanted state politics and there was much to ‘enjoy’ this week.

I particularly enjoyed the back and forth of Bill Clinton; Bill the Obama campaigner; Bill the impish politician; Bill the contrite politician who knew not what he was doing.  The idea that Bill Clinton doesn’t preview every word in his mind before uttering is simply beyond belief.  The idea that he isn’t tweaking President Obama in the belief his wife might be a candidate again in 2016 can’t be believed.  Bill Clinton has been given credit as being among the best political minds we’ve had in this country.  Everything he does is politically expedient…maybe not for President Obama, but for someone.  The memory of past slights, perceived or real, goes back a long way.

I find it somewhat difficult to believe that there has been no orchestrated leaking of information in the Obama Administration since each leak has purposely caused the President to look more macho, more in control, etc.  The ‘kill list’, for example, which he personally reviews and makes the decisions about the next person to be killed, would’ve seemed to have had to come from someone high up since there aren’t many who know what is in the Oval Office.  If he has had no idea these were coming, then some ‘friend’ in the hierarchy of intelligence must be doing Obama a ‘favor’.  I was taken aback at the President’s use of the phrase “my Whitehouse” in his press conference as he took umbrage with the very thought that he might benefit from these leaks.  Here I thought it was “our Whitehouse”; I missed something somewhere apparently.  Last thought on this subject: can you even begin to imagine the outcry from the political opposition if President Bush had done this with a 'kill list'?

I find it even more difficult to believe that the probe announced to find the source of these leaks will be anything more than the usual Attorney General Holder obfuscation.  His performance to this time in his appointed position has been anything but illustrious.  The suits initiated out of political spite, the denial of any knowledge of the gun walking in the Southwest, the obvious ‘look the other way’ approach to immigration, and the general comportment of the man give me little confidence that this will be anything but a political cover-up at best.  I look forward to being proved wrong, but don’t expect that to occur.

That the “private sector is doing fine” was one of those ‘aha’ moments I mentioned earlier this week.  It was apparent that President Obama felt he needed to do “Stimulus 3” since it was the public sector that was still suffering.  He apparently completely missed the outcome of the recall election in Wisconsin which seemed to me to be pointed at the excesses that we had permitted to occur in our state; and, make no mistake about that, we permitted it to happen over time with our eyes wide open.  Maybe the “doing fine” line will be remembered when we go to the polls in November to decide if we ought to keep President Obama or ‘recall’ him, albeit in something other than a mid-term ‘recall’ election.

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